The Best Brendan Frasier Movies Of All Time When He Did Any Acting


Brendan Fraser, yes. You probably haven’t heard that name in a while. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. He pretty much ruined his career by doing almost exclusively horrible movies. Which is why it makes perfect sense to do a “best Brendan Fraser movies” list, right?
Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about good movies. Just, y’know, the best ones he did over the years. Or the ones that are so bad they’re actually good. Either is fine.



The Mummy
Let’s be honest – we all enjoyed these movies back when we were ten years old. They’ve got a rare mix of action and humor that can cater to all audiences equally.



Brendan Fraser exchanges his soul for seven wishes so he can woo the girl of his dreams. How about just wishing for it and then wasting your six other wishes on a man cave, a Lamborghini, a ridiculously big house, one million dollars, a lifetime supply of beer and no taxes. Think outside of the box, people.

The Mummy Returns
Same as the first movie, only now we were 12 years old. Also, The Rock.

Yes, he was in this movie. No, you probably don’t remember him being in it. Yes, that’s why it’s actually a very good movie and it made this list.

George of the Jungle
This movie was really based around the concept of “what if Tarzan was mentally challenged?” It’s as bad as it sounds, but it’s decent in Brendan Fraser terms. I think that sums up his entire career, really.

Gods And Monsters
Another Brendan Fraser movie that’s good because Brendan Fraser isn’t the real star. I’m sensing a pattern here. Sir Ian McKellen is magnificent in this, as always.

The Quiet American
And another movie to prove that Brendan Fraser movies are better when Brendan Fraser isn’t the lead role. Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser attempt to woo a Vietnamese woman in this movie. Side note: Brendan Fraser did not get seven wishes in exchange for his soul to do so in this movie.