The 10 Best Space-Themed Movies Of All Times


Our obsession with space goes way back to the late 50s when the first rocket was launched into space. In space, no one can hear you crunching on your popcorn and sipping on your coke. It’s that uncanny, dreamlike feeling that keeps us glued to the movie screens again and again. And while all the science geeks are fighting over the accuracy of “Interstellar”, we compiled a list of movies that are in our humble opinion might be the best space-themed movies of all times.


There’s a reason why Alien tops this list. It’s a masterpiece! This intergalactic horror movie introduced us to one of the most loved and adored female characters – Lieutenant Ellen Ripley. The terrifying design for the alien belongs to the legendary artist HR Giger whose “Necronom IV” lithography was refined for the whole series. There was no green screen, everything was done by hand. This is what makes it the most gripping sci-fi movies ever made.

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Total Recall

I’ve been growing up watching Schwarzenegger’s movies and I’ve always loved this one in particular. Why? Well, there’s Arnie, and the visual effects are absolutely amazing. What makes this movie iconic is its transition from old to new special effects. Let alone the traces of Cronenberg’s work that he left behind after going back to working on The Fly.

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Independence Day

This is the action-packed science fiction blockbuster that gave Will Smith his action-hero status. This movie is filled with action, thrill, witty dialogues, and is all in all very funny. This movie is a quintessence of classic alien-invasion movies of the 50s and disaster movie of the 70s. Totally worth watching.

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I’m no gamer (and I’ve never played a Doom game), but I really like this movie. As far as I know, the movie is not as bloody and violent as the game, but it still has this video-gamish style. The Rock is amazing as always. The monsters look pretty detailed for a CGI. And there’s even some first person point-of-view shooting.

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Apollo 13

Thrilling, heartwarming, and scary. This is how I can describe this legendary movie. Unlike the movies mentioned above, this movie has no aliens and it is based on true events. And it makes it even more thrilling. Watching four astronauts and the mission control team trying to figure out their way back on Earth is breathtaking indeed.

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This intergalactic drama made the whole world talk about Matthew McConaughey’s remarkable performance and the physics of wormholes. There’s a LOT of science, but don’t bother, even if you don’t quite understand it, the gorgeous visual effects will totally cover for that.

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I would call this sci-fi thriller a single-actor show. Thanks to the brilliant performance of Sandra Bullock, the movie grabs you and won’t let go off you until the very end. This movie is all about the human spirit and its desire to survive. Watching Bullock’s character floating in outer space, all alone, clinging to life truly is astonishing and frightening at the same time.

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The Fifth Element

If you’ve never heard of “Leeloo Dallas, Multipass!”, go watch The Fifth Element right now. The Fifth Element story is hard to follow due to all the storylines, and the characters checking in and out so fast that you barely have time to stop and think. But Luc Besson somehow managed to create a fast-paced (even romantic) adventure with guns and battles that I would call the most American intergalactic comic book adventure.

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The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick is an action based movie with some really impressive graphics. The armor, machinery and monuments are simply breathtaking. The characters in the movie are hooked to machines through their necks which kinda reminds me of The Matrix movie.

The Chronicles of Riddick | The 10 Best Space-Themed Movies Of All Times | ZestRadar

Hidden Figures

The events in this movie don’t take place in space, but they tell us about a little-known part of NASA’s history. It is an inspiring movie about the African-American women working at NASA. It shows all the discrimination and humiliation these women had to face on a daily basis. There were a lot of things that had to be told and they were told in the most triumphant way!