Regina George And 7 More Iconic Mean Girls From Movies


Pretty much no high school movie can go without a mean girl. We need a mean girl to highlight the main hero. Some of them are smart, some are dumb as a door nob. But they all share these three things: they are nasty, they are conniving, they are pure evil. So, here’s our top 8 mean girls in movies we all love to hate.

Lana Thomas – “The Princess Diaries

A new girl who’s trying to fit in and the hot cheerleader picking on her. Classic scenario. We’ve seen this story so many times but it is still infuriating. In our case, we have Lana Thomas, a bully, and a queen bee, and Mia Thermopolis, a geeky girl with glasses and messy hair. But once Lana and the company finds out that Mia is actually a princess of Genovia, they decide to set her up and embarrass in front of the public. The plan worked, Mia gets so embarrassed that she decides to give up her title. But in the end, she pulls herself together and stands up for herself.

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Betty Rizzo – “Grease”

Grease is a true classic amongst teen movies, and the character of Betty Rizzo is legendary as well. This girl is a real badass with a toxic tongue. A classic mean girl Betty hardly made lovely newcomer girl Sandy feel welcome at Rydell High, mocking and laughing at her all the time. But at the end of the movie we find out that this acid girl isn’t that bad after all, because she helped Sandy to become a dream-girl to her crush Danny Zuko.

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Madison Morgan – “The DUFF”  

You can find overachievers in every school. They go far to get what they want. Smart but arrogant Madison, portrayed by Bella Thorne, won’t stop at anything to become the star of her own reality show.  

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Courtney Shane – “Jawbreaker 

Courtney Shane is a queen bee and the most popular girl at Reagan High school. She is the leader of the “Flawless Four” and she won’t let anything change it. This is why, when she plays a prank on her friend Liz, it goes wrong and ends up in Liz’s death, Courtney does everything to cover up her death.  

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Jennifer Check – “Jennifer’s Body”

A mean girl possessed by a heart-eating demon, what can be worse, right? Jennifer Check is a very cruel, manipulative and unstable teen who goes from high school evil to actual evil. Unfortunately, this whole story didn’t end well for Jennifer.

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Heather Chandler – “Heathers

Veronica got so tired of the popular girls dominating her school that she convinced her friend to help her teach them a lesson. Unfortunately it all ends up in Veronica killing them and covering their deaths as suicide. This movie introduced us to some of the most savage mean girl tactics.

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Kathryn Merteuil – “Cruel Intentions

Money can’t buy you class and Kathryn Merteuil proves it. Katherine is an emotionally unstable psychopath who has a weird relationship with her step-brother Sebastian, and who was basically responsible for his death.

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Regina George – “Mean Girls

Regina George – the meanest of them all, the legend. You hate her and you adore her. “Mean Girls” has always been and probably will be the most iconic high school movie ever made. Regina George portrayed by the brilliant Rachel McAdams is the most classic mean girl ever.