Questions Left Unanswered By Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Where a new Star Wars film used to be a rare thing, we’ve arrived in the Age of Disney where we’ll be getting a new movie set a long time ago in a galaxy far away. This year’s outing was Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, which is the much awaited return of Luke Skywalker.
Ofcourse, as with any second movie in a trilogy, some questions remain unanswered. Below, we’ll take a look at some things we’d like to see answered in episode IX. In case it wasn’t obvious at this point, the article below will be very spoiler-heavy. It’ll have more spoilers than the cars in the Fast and the Furious, basically.



Is Snoke Really Dead?
Granted, Star Wars doesn’t really have the best reputation for giving their main villains a proper death (we’ll always remember how the then-unnamed Emperor got shafted by Vader – literally), so it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise that Snoke would receive a similar treatment. It seemed like a cheap way for him to die, so we’re hoping there’s more to this situation than meets the eye.



Where Are The Knights of Ren?
Semi-confirmed in episode VII to be the other students that left Luke with Kylo Ren, we’ve yet to see a single sign of these mysterious knights. Seems like it would be a useful thing to have a handful of fallen Jedi at your disposal, but clearly Kylo Ren has a different opinion on that matter.

Are Rey’s Parents Really Nobody?
Considering how Kylo Ren was trying to get Rey to join him, this revelation could have been nothing but a lie. We’ll see how they explain her origins in episode IX – if they do at all.

Why Did Luke Die?
We all pretty much expected Luke Skywalker to be dead by the end of the trilogy, but having him die halfway through it seemed a bit like an odd move. Granted, episode VIII’s storyline does “finish” Luke’s story and brings it around full circle (him accepting the Force after having locked it out for many years after what happened to Ben Solo), but they could have kept him around in some form.

Why Did Leia Not Die?
This Leia was the best Leia we’ve ever seen, but sadly Carrie Fisher passed away. I’m not sure how they expect to fix this with episode IX coming up, especially if it would have been so very easy to kill her off in episode VIII when her ship blew up.

Will Leia’s Powers Manifest In Episode IX?
Since we’ve finally seen Leia use her Force abilities in episode VIII, it only makes sense that we’ll see more of that in episode IX. Did Luke train her to be a full-fledged Jedi? Are her abilities limited to Supermanning through the vacuum of space? Let’s hope 2019 gives us some answers.

Why Was Luke On Ahch-To?
I mean, he says he goes there to die, yet he’s still alive. He doesn’t want to be found, yet leaves a map with R2-D2 so he can be found. Could his presence on Ahch-To be linked to the mysterious cave Rey found?