On Screen Vs. Real Life: Westworld Stars In And Out Of Costume


The cast of Westworld is truly brilliant and does a great job at portraying all kinds of characters from mad scientists to human-like robots and crazy villains. We are pretty used to them rocking cowboy attire and old-fashioned dresses suitable for the Wild West era. These actors and actresses seem so organic that it’s easy to forget they are actually Hollywood celebrities who look totally different in real life. Or do they? Some celebrities are not far from what their Westworld characters look like, while others we can hardly recognize without the hats, boots, and a dry dessert background. Here’s what Westworld stars look like in and out of costume.



Maeve Millay is a highly intelligent android and a ‘madame’ at a local saloon. Her look is gorgeous, but Thandie Newton is even more spectacular in real life.


Sir Anthony Hopkins may be a real gentleman in real life, but his on-screen persona is a wicked scientist bent on creating an AI robot with free will. No one said being in charge of the Westworld park would be easy!


Bernard Lowe is a disturbed man with a heavy burden of the past looming over his each and every step. Jeffrey Wright, on the other hand, is a cheerful man who doesn’t like to grow out his hair much.

Teddy is one of the most tragic characters in the Westworld Universe as he just never seems to get the girl no matter what he does. James Marsden looks like nothing of that sort and oozes confidence wherever he goes.


Man in Black is a cold-blooded killer and a devoted fan of the Westworld game. In fact, he’s so crazy about it he decided to stay in it till the end! Ed Harris is definitely much more cheerful and outgoing in real life.

Dolores, the oldest host in Westworld, is undeniably one of the most complex characters on the show. She’s strong, yet broken, and it is a delight to watch her transform with each passing episode. Evan Rachel Wood couldn’t be more different! She’s a glamorous Hollywood diva with an incredible sense of style.

William may seem kind at first, but we know he has more than a few dark secrets hidden up his sleeve. Jimmi Simpson is a smiley fella who likes trendy glasses and messy hairdos.

Hector Escaton is the ultimate bad boy of the series and he certainly looks the part. Off screen Rodrigo Satoro is a charming scar-less guy with just a little bit of his Hector persona peeping through all the Hollywood glamour.

One of the show’s most charismatic villains couldn’t be more different in real life. Logan knows his way around Westworld as if it was his second home. Ben Barnes, on the other hand, looks like the kindest person in the world.

Hector’s slightly insane helper is not very feminine to say the list, while Ingrid Bolso Berdal is the epitome of feminine beauty!

Charlotte is a ruthless boss-lady and is quite intimidating most of the time. Tessa Thompson is the exact opposite of that!

Elsie Hughes was too smart for her own good and uncovered secrets that should’ve stayed hidden forever. We love her intellect, but Shannon Woodward definitely has more style.

The Head of Quality Assurance, Theresa Cullen, is a strict lady that hardly ever smiles. Sidse Babett Knudsen looks nothing like her!