On Screen Vs. Real Life: The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory 11 Years After The First Episode


Can you believe that The Big Bang Theory has been with us for more than ten years? It seems like a whole lifetime ago! A lot can change in 11 years starting from haircut and body and ending with marital status. What can we say, the cast of the Big Bang Theory has been through a lot both on screen and in real life. Did they change since we first saw them back in 2007? You bet! But some more than others, and you’ll be especially surprised to see Sheldon’s actor Jim Parsons and his transformation. Without further ado, here is the cast of The Big Bang Theory 11 years after the first episode.



Kaley Cuoco is just as gorgeous
Kaley Cuoco looks better than ever! Over the last decade she’s been through some major relationship changes as well as hairstyle transformations. Her gorgeous pixie cut is in the past along with a number of dates, and now Kaley rocks her golden locks once again. She’s also engaged to Karl Cook, her long-term boyfriend, and we wish her all the best!



Kunal Nayyar is super handsome
Kunal Nayyar’s character Raj Koothrappali may be a socially awkward nerd that can’t bear to speak to women, but the actor himself is far from all things shy. In fact, he’s become really attractive over the years! His style is on point and his outgoing personality shines bright every time he shows up in public.

Melissa Rauch is a real bombshell
Melissa Rauch surprised all her fans with a sudden, yet amazing transformation that happened over the last few years. Everyone thought Melissa was a bit like her character Bernadette – smart, gorgeous, and quite unadventurous when it came to clothing. We couldn’t be more wrong! Melissa turned out to be a confident woman who’s not afraid to show some skin when she feels like it. And, boy, does she look amazing!



Simon Helberg is incredibly good-looking
We all knew that off screen Simon Helberg was a totally different person, but he still managed to surprise his fans during the last few years. Howard Wolowitz is a goofy, sleazy know-it-all who looks and feels quite unattractive in The Big Bang Theory, while Simon, on the other hand, has upped his game style-wise and often uses his fame to promote various causes and voice his own political opinions. And he looks amazing!

Kevin Sussman definitely looks his age now
Kevin Sussman, originally just a guest star on the show, has earned his place under the sun during the last decade. Although, we must admit he started off a little bit more fresh-faced and excited despite being in his late thirties. Well, now he’s almost 50 and looks a bit worn out, his age showing more and more with each passing year.



Sara Rue has lost a considerable amount of pounds
We couldn’t be more proud of the actress portraying Stephanie, Leonard’s short-term girlfriend in Season 2. Yes, she hasn’t been on the show for long, but what a transformation she had afterwards! Looking at Sara Rue now it’s hard to believe that she lost 50 pounds – all on her own. Now she’s encouraging other women to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Wil Wheaton is sporting quite an impressive beard
Wil Wheaton, Sheldon’s archenemy on the show, has graced us with his humorous presence since the beginning of the show. His appearances are quite regular, making it easy for us to track changes in his style and haircuts. Well, we’ve got to admit Wil Wheaton has gotten a bit bigger over the last few years. He’s also grown a beard of incredible bushiness!

Mayim Bialik is more dazzling than ever
Amy Farah Fowler is definitely a 10 out of 10 on The Big Bang Theory nerd meter – starting from her clothes and ending with her personality. When she first appeared on the show in Season 3 we couldn’t but fall in love with her. Imagine our surprise when Mayim Bialik turned out to be a real show-stopper in real life! Her red carpet style is beyond chic.



Johnny Galecki has been through a lot
On the show Johnny Galecki proved to everyone that you can be a nerd and still look hot. Well, hot-ish in a geeky way. Leonard is fun and attractive in a weird way, but that seems to be enough to land him the most amazing girlfriend ever. In real life things were even more amazing! Johnny Galecki got together with his co-star Kaley Cuoco and fans rejoiced. They were equally devastated when the couple broke up. Johnny has manned up over the last few years and now rocks a seriously bushy beard.

Jim Parsons hasn’t changed a bit
You’d think that marriage would change a person somehow, but that’s definitely not the case with Jim Parsons. In fact, it seems that ageing is also out of the picture! Jim looks the same as he did 10 years ago when we saw him in the very first episode of the show (minus a slight hairstyle change). The actor has definitely been busy with the show because those Emmys don’t win themselves, you know, but he looks as slim and happy as he was back in the day. Now that’s a sight for the sore eyes!