Newly Discovered Animal Species That You Should Know About


Isn’t the animal kingdom amazing? We all evolved from nothingness into vastly different species (or were created in the Lord’s image if you’re not into science) and are still evolving to this day. Well, some people are evolving. Other people are skipping a generation, I guess.


And after all these millions of years, we still don’t know everything about the animal kingdom that there is to know. We keep discovering new species day after day. And while most of them are pretty dull, these ones sure aren’t!



Potamotrygon Rex
Not quite a Tyrannosaurus, but it’s a stingray with polka dots. I guess that’s sort of cool.



Scolopendra Cataracta
Good news: it’s not a human centipede. Bad news: it’s 20 centimeters long and amphibious. And it’s venomous. So don’t swim, walk or breathe near it.

Inia Araguaiaensis
This is the perfect animal for people that are thoroughly fond of vowels. It’s a river dolphin, and it’s the first new river dolphin to be discovered in over a century.

Pheidole Viserion and Pheidole Drogon
There’s literally over ten thousand individual species of ants, but only two of them (so far) have references to the great house Targaryen in their name.

Gracilimus Radix
Yes, that’s a rat. But it’s an omnivore rat, which is pretty unique.

Plenaster Craigi
This particular animal (which is a type of sponge) is only found 4000 meters below the water surface. It’s pretty safe to assume you won’t run into it while diving.

Eriovixia Gryffindori
Yes, “Gryffindor”-i. Because it looks like a sorting hat, kind of. It also looks like a spider – which it is – so I should be leaving. Bye.