Kim Kardashian 73 Questions: What We Got To Know About Kim And Kanye


Recently Vogue has asked Kim Kardashian 73 questions which have revealed some of the new information about this her and her famaly. Starting with their house, everyday routine and the best thing about being a parent.



Kim and Kanye Love Minimalism
You might not have noticed but Kim and Kanye’s reception room is extremely empty. Even though the couple likes to buy luxurious items they do not show it of right away. Both Kim and Kanye prefer mono colors in everyday life which can be seen both in their outfits and their decor. Kim has described her home as a minimal monastery. Apparently, Kanye himself was an inspiration for the house.


Kim’s Kids Are Just like Anyone’s
Surprisingly, Kim’s kids have the same interests as you would expect from any kids. You would imagine that celebrity kids have some unusual things they love, however, Saint is into Paw Patrol and North is into Bill Nye the Science Guy. Young Chicago is still into baby stuff like food. Let’s hope their second boy will follow older siblings.

Kim is not a Perfect Parent
Kim and her sisters have a group chat where they share parenting advice. Who knew that such a celebrity will not have some guru helping her out with kids, like anyone she just wings it. We are glad that Kanye is staying away from giving out advice. Kim admits that kids taught her patience and they do know about Fortnite at such a young age.

From Friends to Lovers
Kim and Kanye knew each other for some time but actually fell in love at different times. Kim fell for Kanye at his Paris fashion while Kanye liked Kim from seeing her paparazzi photos with Paris Hilton. They seem like a perfect couple as Kim loves Kanye for who he is.They give each other unusual gifts (stock in big companies for Christmas!) and are very open about their relationship.


Sweet, smart and kind
Even though Kim’s social following is huge, she spends only 30 minutes on her Instagram. She learned to ignore negative feedback and doesn’t like to describe herself. The craziest thing she got from a fan was a suggestion to adopt him. Also, don’t bother sending Kim DMs, she is not going to read them.

Kim’s secret desire
As it appeared, Kim is very tired of people constantly talking about her famous curves and wants everyone to stop focusing on her butt.

Kim’s Inspiration
Kim finds her mom the biggest inspiration as her mom managed to build Kardashian empire and give a career to all of her kids. That is a big recognition as Kim’s popularity keeps on growing and her mom was the key to everything. She has a special connection with her mom and felt pretty upset having to take over the Christmas party.

Beauty routine
Kim can’t live without KKW contour which is part of her own KKW Beauty line. Kim does her own makeup and loves minimal soft makeup which we started to see more lately. There are some things that she regrets doing and it is heavy under eye makeup.