Jodie Whittaker: 10 Awesome Facts You Need To Know About The 13th Doctor


Doctor Who fans are still going crazy about the fact that the new Doctor is female. Some don’t believe it will work out as Doctor has remained male for over 50 years now, yet others think it’s the best decision ever. After all, we’ve seen Master, Doctor Who’s archenemy, in female form and she’s been nothing but brilliant. So what do we know about Jodie Whittaker, the new gorgeous Doctor Who? Apart from the fact that she was dropped off the Tardis during the Christmas special, there isn’t much we know about the 13th Doctor. But what we can tell you is some pretty outstanding facts about Jodie Whittaker as an actress. Here’s what you didn’t know about her acting career, family life, and the new role as a Timelord.



One of Jodie Whittaker’s most memorable roles was in the criminal drama Broadchurch where she played the desperate mom of a son who was killed and left on the beach for the police to find. There she played alongside David Tennant, one of Doctor Who’s former Doctors, with whom she became close friends. The show’s writer, Chris Chibnall, is now creating the new series of Doctor Who. Everything’s connected!



Jodie Whittaker will become yet another Doctor with a marvellous accent. She was born in West Yorkshire, so we’ll not only get to see a gorgeous Doctor lady, but will also enjoy her north England accent. She’ll be the only Doctor, apart from Christopher Eccleston, to showcase her sweet melodic northern speech on the show.



Jodie Whittaker has never ever worked in an office, and that’s a good thing! She’s been building a successful acting career since her early 20s, but even before that her personality was so loud and attention-seeking that she couldn’t sit long in one place. Jodie confessed that she’s a nightmare for any quiet person as she’s always talking and on the move (apart from those moments when she’s reading). Luckily for everyone, she channelled all that energy into acting!

Jodie Whittaker might be new to the whole travelling through time and space thing, but she has plenty of friends to help her figure things out. Jodie’s friends with Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston who played Doctors in the past, as well as David Tennant and Arthur Darvill, one of Doctor Who’s companions. And if she ever feels the need to learn more about good, evil, and all things in-between, Star Wars’ John Boyega will gladly help her out, too!

The Clooney
Jodie and her family needed to keep her new role a secret, that’s why she and her husband came up with a code name ‘The Clooney’. They both really respect George Clooney and think he’s a truly iconic character both on screen and in real life, just like Doctor Who. That’s why they decided to use his name!



Film Buff
Jodie Whittaker is not only a great actress, but she’s also a devoted movie fan. She knows everything from The Goonies to Kim Ki Duk’s movies and bizarre Chinese documentaries. She does plenty of film-related activities when she’s not acting, whether it’s creating the hilarious sci-fi movie Attack on the Block or being part of the BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) judging panel.

Social Media
Unlike most celebrities, Jodie Whittaker doesn’t like social media at all. In fact, she doesn’t have Facebook or Instagram accounts and is not planning on creating them! She even urged Twitter to delete fake profiles that posed as her. Yet we believe that things are about to change as it is impossible to ride the Tardis and stay out of the spotlight. Fans will want to know more about her!

New Look
Each Doctor has his own new style (as well as his Tardis), so it’s only natural for Jodie Whittaker to have her own design of literally everything. Of course, she’ll be stuck wearing Peter Capaldi’s outfit during the first episode as it has happened to other Doctors before, but later we’ll see her change into a playful colourful look that involves a large bluish coat, dark blue trousers, and a striped shirt. And don’t forget the star earrings! Jodie Whittaker helped design the 13th Doctor look, so she’ll feel absolutely confident wearing the outfit.



Dream Team
Along with the new Doctor Who come his (and now her) equally amazing companions to share all the adventures through time and space. A plethora of splendid British actors will be joining the show to play alongside Jodie Whittaker: Bradley Walsh, who’s been a Doctor Who fan since early childhood, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill, who’s over the moon to take part in a show with such an amazing fanbase. We are equally eager to see all of them in action!

New Series
Doctor Who fans may be already hyped about the new series, but like with most great things they will have to wait for it. Like, a lot. It is rumoured that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who series won’t air until autumn 2018. We’re hoping to see the first episode in October, but it’s still too early to tell. Nevertheless, we are absolutely sure it will be worth all the waiting!