Georgina Ryland Uses Her Body To Recreate Famous Movie Scenes


Body art has really been quite the hype the last few years. Where on the one hand, society has slowly started changing the way we look at the human body, we’ve on the other hand started using our bodies for more and more stuff. Body art is basically where you paint, but don’t have the money to buy a proper canvas so you paint yourself. I can’t paint pretty much anything, so I’m assuming that creating these vibrant scenes on your own body must take a really long time. One could hardly argue the time Georgina Ryland put into her passion must certainly have paid off!



Guardians of the Galaxy



Sratr Wars

Beauty and the Beast



The Lord of the Rings

Georgina is one of the best when it comes to body art based on movies. While she does other body paintings as well, there’s something about her movie art that makes it pop a bit more.



Stranger Things

Princess Mononoke



Finding Nemo




Georgina is an extremely talented Australian artist and she has an Instagram page you should follow if you’re into that kind of thing. If you’re not, I’m sure there’s another Instagram page out there for you somewhere. Don’t give up hope. We’ll find the one you’re looking for sooner or later.



Harry Potter (film series)



The Lion King




The Legend of Zelda