Funny Amazon-Like Reviews Of Weird Animals Are Taking Over Twitter (20 Pictures)


How often do you check user reviews before you buy a toy or some kitchen appliance? Probably quite often, seeing as this is one of the most important pieces of info on the product page. Keeping that in mind, the genius behind the Oregon Zoo’s Twitter decided to put a twist on the whole 5-star rating system, and applied it to the animals they have in the zoo. People on the internet liked what they saw and took the #rateaspecies hashtag to the land of viral memes!


Basically, starting from last Friday, Twitter has been buzzing with hilarious descriptions of animals like wallabies, platypuses, and snails, as if they were ordered on Amazon. What’s not to love here?



1. Your ordinary garden snail



2. He’s right, you know? We absolutely do need bees to survive.



3. Cute cat but it probably needs a doctor.

4. Look at that happy smiling frog.



5. That’s just terrible! The box was empty?



6. But does it have wi-fi?



7. You did not just fat-shame this gorgeous creature…

8. Two for the price of one!



9. This has to be my favorite description of the bunch.



10. Hey, that pile of melted frog has feelings! … Like hunger, for example

11. 10/10 best-looking bird eyeliner ever.



12. Newt, get your Hogwarts arse over here!



13. Would buy instantly. 5 stars!



14. I guess we’ve found Picasso’s inspiration.

15. Aww, are you sure he doesn’t like Coca Cola?



16. The tiniest of mosquito-slayers is also the most adorable.



17. That squirrel looks either fat or buff, I can’t tell.

18. Probably doesn’t like vodka and/or balalaikas.



19. You’d be eating crab meat all day every day with this fella.



20. An actual catsnake, holy Moses! I’ve only heard legends of this mythical creature…