Female Comic Book Characters That Need Movie Adaptations


Female comic book characters have been getting a lot of attention since Wonder Woman showed us that female driven movies can make everyone involved a lot of money. We can all pretend that money doesn’t matter, but you probably won’t get rich that way.
Thankfully, comic books themselves have been introducing a lot of female characters, many of which have more important roles than they do on the silver screen. Let’s take a look at some female characters that we haven’t seen in theaters yet, but would undoubtedly rock the box office.
No relation to Spider-Man, whatsoever. Not even a similar powerset, but one of the leading ladies of Marvel in the last few decades. Jessica Drew sure has earned the right to have her own movie.

What better way to introduce magic to the DC Universe than by introducing Zatanna? It could be like Dr. Strange, only with more “street” magic. But it’d be amazing!

This variant of the well-known Hulk actually retains her intelligence when she “hulks out” and often breaks the fourth wall like that other popular superhero – Deadpool.

Ms. Marvel
There have been rumors that Ms. Marvel would be getting her own movie as the first Muslim superhero, but as long as they’re not confirmed, she deserves a spot on this list. She can stretch herself much like Mr. Fantastic and is a huge fan of Captain Marvel – would be an obvious team-up, wouldn’t it?

This Justice League member has powers that mostly relate to using animal spirits to give herself the abilities of said animal. Her powers allow for a huge array of abilities she can draw from, which makes her a very interesting hero for her own movie.

As her name pretty much suggests, Songbird has ultrasonic abilities that can cause all kinds of unpleasant effects for all those on the receiving end of them. She started off as a villain, so she could even be introduced in a different movie to have a redemption arc that flows into her stand-alone film! You can steal that idea and I won’t charge you for it, promise.

Not all comic book characters have to be from DC or Marvel. Witchblade has been around for a good few decades and it’s kind of a shame she hasn’t had her own movie yet. She’s teamed up with the likes of Spawn and Wolverine over the years, so it’s not like she’s unknown.