Famous Actors That Should’ve Never Been In Superhero Movies But Somehow Were Anyway


Superhero movies are all the hype at the moment. While their amazing popularity is a pretty recent phenomenon, there’s always been a steady stream of superhero movies that were getting made in Hollywood. I guess it’s just something we secretly all want to watch on a big screen.
Sadly, as with all things that acquire a certain status, celebrities jumped on top of it faster than you could imagine. People that had no place in superhero movies started popping up in them. Let’s take a look at some people that should’ve never entered the superhero scene.



Nicolas Cage
It’s no big secret that the Ghost Rider movies are generally considered to be the worst thing that Marvel has made in the last 15 years. Nic Cage was a big factor in that.



George Clooney
Nipple suit, anyone? George’s performance of Batman was so bad, he’s still apologizing for it 20 years later. And I’m not sure we’ve quite forgiven him yet.

Colin Farrell
Remember Bullseye from Daredevil? We could’ve gone for Ben Affleck from that movie (or pretty much everyone else), but Colin was really, really bad. His lines were cringeworthy and his delivery of said lines just made everything worse.

Halle Berry
Remember Catwoman? You do? You have my sincerest condolences.



Richard Pryor
I mean, Richard wasn’t really an actual actor. Thankfully he only turned up in Superman III (which was arguably the worst Superman ever made), but he was still very useless and unnecessary in this movie.

Mickey Rourke
Even the MCU doesn’t always hit the mark. Iron Man 2’s Ivan Vanko was the most horrible villain they’ve done so far. I’m not sure where Mickey was going with that accent, but I hope he stays there.

Seth Rogen
Let’s be fair here – comedy or not. Any world that relies on Seth Rogen to save it from criminals, is doomed. Also, the movie version of the Green Hornet was useless in itself. Green Hornet is supposed to … you know. Fight crime and do stuff.

John Travolta
The first Punisher movie to come out had a weird villain. Despite John Travolta playing a crime boss, he felt less like a crime boss than he did in Pulp Fiction. And the acting was just… too much.