Exotic Animal Specialist Becomes A Real-Life Tarzan And It’s Beyond Amazing


Think you love animals? Wait till you see the real King of the Jungle who is not only crazy about all kinds of exotic critters, but also takes care of them whenever he can, while using his sudden fame for the greater good. Mike Holston from Miami is a zoo keeper, exotic animal specialist, and a teacher that often goes to schools to educate kids about animals. Kids love him, and who wouldn’t, really? A man calls himself The Real Tarzann and spends days cuddling with tiger cubs, feeding gigantic lizards, playing with monkeys, spiders, snakes, and whatnot. If this is not the coolest job in the world, then we don’t know what is! For even more iguanas, koalas, turtles and crocks visit his Instagram account.



You can actually feel the love oozing from this photo. The lion also seems comfy just like a huge kitty that he is.



The lynx has no idea what’s going on, but decides to watch the camera just in case. Maybe he’ll get food afterwards?



Monkeys are pretty cute, but tiny monkeys? They are simply unbearable! This creature is beyond adorable.



Someone here wants to have the spotlight all to himself! The human is still bigger, though.

Iguana-hat, anyone? Just another ordinary day at work.



This gator looks incredibly happy that tape was finally removed off his mouth. What will happen next?



They are buddies, so everything’s alright!

Hey, what’s going on? Yep, we are just as surprised as this little fella.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the monkiest monkey of them all?



If you could spend days playing with these creatures, would you do it? Maybe a change of job is at hand.



Looking at this red iguana one can easily believe that dragons once roamed the Earth. And they looked incredible!

Have some free time? Why not put some spiders on your face? This guy must really, and we mean REALLY, love animals.



Have you ever seen one of these creatures up close? Anteaters look kind of awkward, but beautiful at the same time. Their fur seems soft and velvety!



Does this lynx also seem happy to you? Maybe it’s because his caretaker is a funny guy. We’d be happy too!

King of the Jungle is also not afraid to go underwater to meet with his friends.



Spiders, anteaters, and now snakes – this guy is not afraid of anything!



Is there anything better than a tiger cub lying on your lap? Yep, two tiger cubs!



That awkward moment when your animal buddy is more than 100 years old.

Meet the world’s biggest rabbit! Flemish Giants grow up to be quite big and can weigh up to 22 pounds. That being said, just imagine what it feels like cuddling with this fluffy cutie pie!



Can you imagine what it’s like to hold one of these creatures? You have to be not only brave, but also strong as a Superman!



That moment when you come home and your kitties greet you. Mike needs to be careful or there’ll be nothing left of his shoes.