Don’t Mind These Puppers, They’re Definitely NOT Begging for Food (20 Pictures)


We all know that a man’s best friend is his faithful dog, or doggo, or pupper, or boofer, or borker, depending on the size. From my 30 years of experience with street dogs, and some house dogs, I know they all love 3 things: walks, balls, and treats. Today you’ll see how these fluffy boys have become the masters of begging for food without actually begging. It’s all in the eyes!



1. Oh yeah, no, see, he’s only salivating because it’s hot outside.



2. Master give Dobby barbecue? Is Dobby free now?



3. That’s what I’d call a heart-breaking long-distance relationship.



4. Oh he’s gonna get some and he knows it!


5. “The only way to keep the dog fur off the bacon is to lock the dog outside.” – ancient Chinese proverb.



6. How can you say “NO” to that cute face?



7. Eenie-meenie-minie-moe, which of you doggos will bite off my toe?

8. Now that’s just rude. First you take a bite of this boy’s pizza, and then you dangle it in front of him? Heckin’ cruel!



9. Paws down, best seat in the whole stadium!



10. “Just… Just a tiny bite, human. A lil’ itsy-bitsy noodle” – dog, probably.



11. This was the last time the cameraman teased a hungry corgi… with his left hand, at least.


12. “All right, boys, remember, if we’re nice to her, our human will feed us tonight!” – that one golden retriever, I guess.



13. The last slice shall be MINE!



14. Oof, that crotch look… classic dog technique.

15. “Is it my heckin’ birthday?” and yes, I hope it is. It’s my headcanon now!



16. This fluffy committee has decided you will take us for a walk 5 times a day and feed us treats all the time!



17. Even more classic technique – “the underarm look”.


18. Basically you have no choice here but to give both woofers a treat.



19. Oh no, this boy is using the forbidden “snoot periscope” technique!



20. Oh wow, after a smile like that, I don’t know if I’d be able to resist the urge to give him a gourmet treat!