Disney Characters Crossing Over With Movies and TV Shows (by Isaiah Stevens)


Isaiah Stephens, a freelance illustrator and animator from Lowell, Massachusetts, is the man with a plan and high enough artistic skills to allow him to draw incredibly accurate depictions of Disney lads and ladies in various pop culture environments.

“The Notebook”, “Titanic”, “Wolf of Wall Street” – imagine these movies (and many more) with Disney heroes and villains instead of the real actors. It’s so bizarre to see these two worlds collide, but the results are quite astonishing!



Let’s start with the Titanic:


1. If only there was more room on that door, huh…



2. Absolutely gorgeous piece. By far my favorite.



3. Elsa looks pretty hot in that necklace.

4. Such an iconic scene… This could’ve been anyone and you’d still recognize it.



Romeo and Juliette:


5. Who knew Mulan would look this lovely in a dress?



Catch me if You Can:


6. Herc and the ladies would make an awesome team.

Star Wars:


7. All-female Stormtrooper band is something we need badly!



8. Princess Leia and the Seven Ewoks.



9. Solo and the Wookie? Yeah, I guess that works.

10. Stitch would be the worst Yoda ever.



Sex and the City:


11. Don’t lose your red slipper, princess!

12. Charlotte and (I guess) Harry as Beauty and the Beast!



13. Maybe I should have watched more episodes of Sex and the City because I’m flying blind here…



Harry Potter:


14. I wonder what would the Sorting Hat say about Elsa… Hufflepuff?

15. I’d like to see this team in action!



The Revenant:


16. Now kiss!