Cat With a Human Face Is Freaking Out The Internet!


A cute little kitty with a face that looks a bit too human has been conquering the Interwebs, for days now. Some of the users have fallen in love with this unusual 2-months-old Maine-coon appropriately named Valkyrie, while others are freaking out, saying it’s an unnatural abomination.



Valkyrie lives in a house full of cats (mainly Maine-coons), called the Catsvill County with her brothers and sisters, as well as her human mom Tatiana Rastarguyeva. She jokes that people often say her Maine-coons look like scary werewolves, but in reality, they’re just big, fluffy balls of energy that may one day grow up to be 8-12 kg house monsters!


Fun fact: according to one of the legends, this breed of cats comes from a forbidden love of a kitty and a raccoon, hence the “coon” part.



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