Awkward TV Cameos That Shouldn’t Have Happened


TV cameos are a weird thing. You let someone famous get a few seconds of screen time just so you can make the people at home go “oh, I know that guy”, yet it adds nothing to your show. Heck, most of the time, the cameo seems so very forced and unnatural.
It’s usually an athlete, singer or just a random celebrity that you’ve seen somewhere, and most of the time it’s quite cringeworthy. Behold, awkward cameos!



Ed Sheeran – Game of Thrones
Let’s be glad Arya killed him swiftly.



Stephen Hawking – The Big Bang Theory
Apparently Stephen was cool with it, but most of the jokes just seemed so forced and were sometimes a bit over the top.

Justin Bieber – CSI
And he got shot too. I’m pretty sure his death scene was acted so stiff it might actually kill someone, so beware.

Paris Hilton – Supernatural
Paris Hilton proved that she can’t even act like a demon taking the form of Paris Hilton. That takes some serious skills.



Jean Claude Van Damme – Friends
When I say “Friends” and “karate master”, and who comes to mind? No one? Well, you’ve been spared of one of the most awkward cameos in television history then.

Britney Spears – How I Met Your Mother
This was extremely unnecessary. Neil Patrick Harris even said as much, claiming the show didn’t need stunt acting to succeed.

Boy George – The A-Team
I mean, Boy George always looks a bit awkward, but it’s twice as bad if you put him in an action show. At least at the end of the episode, he performs for the crowd.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage – Baywatch
Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage turning up anywhere is pretty much awkward by default, but having them turn up on the same set with David Hasselhoff is just too much testosterone for the nineties to handle.