Artist Takes Famous Movie Characters And Turns Them Into Works Of Art


You might not be familiar with Di Xing, a talented Austrian artist specializing in caricatures and face design just yet, but that’s about to change. Known mostly for his caricature illustrations of politicians and society’s crème de la crème, he has recently started working with movie and TV characters, using his profound Photoshop skills to create outstanding designs. If you think that Doctor Strange, Thor, Iron Man, and Eleven are good enough in real life, wait till you see their cartoon versions. These are not just any simple animations, but carefully crafted illustrations with amazing use of shadow, light, and color.



Dr. Strange
Looking at this cartoon version of Dr. Strange we really wish there was an animated TV series with this character. The style is simply amazing!



Stranger Things has become a thriller classic in a blink of an eye, so it’s no wonder Xi Ding decided to depict one of its characters. That bat is our most favorite TV weapon!



Tony Stark
We can only admire the way Xi Ding took a simple movie still and turned it into a spectacular work of art. Some fans might disagree, but this cartoon version of Tony Stark is even more handsome than the original!

We all know that Rey is as fierce as a samurai warrior, but in this picture she looks like an unstoppable ninja that can conquer the whole world.



Black Widow
A blonde version of Black Widow? We can certainly go with that! Maybe this has something to do with Yelena Belova, the other Black Widow?

We’ve seen different variations of animated Thor, but this must be the manliest one. And he still has his gorgeous mane!



Just look at that facial expression! It’s even more intense than in the movie still. We can all agree that ‘face design’ is a thing and Xi Ding mastered it completely.



What movie character list is complete without our favorite trickster? Loki is the most mischievous creature in the world and this portrait illustrates that perfectly. Just look at that smirk!

Teenage Groot might be cute, but he also has a temper (like any teenager, really). He still likes to dance to old-school music, though.



We believe Gamora is among the most striking characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, and this illustration is proof of that. She looks amazing both in animated and real-life versions!

This time artist decided to try a new approach and went all Picasso on us. We must admit the result is quite brilliant!



Eleven ver. 2
But if you’re into a more realistic style then we have something for you, too. Eleven can look really scary when she’s using her powers.



Black Panther
Black Panther is a relatively fresh addition to the plethora of superheroes that went from comic books right to the big screen, but he’s already among the favorites.

One of the 90s classics is back with this spectacular illustration of Mathilda from Leon: The Professional.



Qui-Gon Jin
Did Qui-Gon Jin really have such a prominent nose? Nevertheless, the illustration looks beyond awesome.