Amazing Facts About Keanu Reeves That You Didn’t Know


Ever since he played Neo in The Matrix, Keanu Reeves has been on top of Hollywood action movies. While he’s gone from essentially a hacking superman to a more grounded John Wick in recent years, he’s always been a guarantee for action-packed flicks. I mean, he’s done some non-action movies too, but they’re not John Wick.
But when it comes to celebrities, they usually have their life out in the open. It’s one of the hazards that come with the job. Keanu has managed to keep his private life pretty private however. But since nobody’s perfect, let’s take a look at some facts he couldn’t keep hidden after all.



His Father Left When He Was Three
I guess his father must regret that decision now that his son is famous! It takes real character to not let something like that get you down, so kudos to Keanu for that!



He Almost Became A Hockey Star
Thank God he dropped out of school and pursued a career in acting instead!


His Sister Had Leukemia
Keanu hasn’t had the happiest family life, it seems.

He Has A Sober Lifestyle
Despite getting paid 10 million dollars up front for the first Matrix movie, Keanu has a very timid lifestyle and doesn’t own a big mansion or expensive cars.


His Agent Thought His First Name Was Too Exotic
I mean, it’s “Keanu” and not “Keith”. Makes sense, right?

He Owns A Motorcycle Producing Company
Because why wouldn’t you, if you had the money?


He Lost His Best Friend To Drugs
So no father, sister that had cancer and best friend dead because of drugs. Makes you feel like sad Keanu had every reason to be sad, doesn’t it?



His Daughter Was Stillborn
Jesus Keanu, does the sadness in your life ever end?