Actors That Either Get Too Much Or Too Little Attention


Actors are a weird brand, aren’t they? One moment you’re considered the best of the best, three years later you’re getting into bar fights to get a part as the fifth cactus from the left in your daughter’s school play. Not saying this happened to anyone, but this probably happened to someone at some point in time.


Anyway, professional actors get it the worst. Sometimes you get horrible actors that seem to nail role after role, and every now and then an unknown passes through that blows your mind with his or her performance. Let’s take a look at some actors that need to get judged by their worth.



Getting Too Much Attention: George Clooney
Let’s be honest here, when’s the last time you’ve seen a good Clooney movie? Besides, he’s directing now, so it might be a good time to forget about the acting gig.



Getting Too Little Attention: Elizabeth Olsen
Also known as Scarlet Witch and “the other sister”. She’s played many parts that didn’t get the same attention the MCU does, and she’s done all of them pretty well. Despite starting her career a bit later than her sisters, let’s hope hers has a longer lifespan.

Getting Too Much Attention: Nicolas Cage
I doubt this needs much explaining. No film in recent history has drawn in people because it had Nicolas Cage on the poster. Ever since Ghost Rider (and quite a bit before that, really), he’s lost all credibility as an actor.

Getting Too Little Attention: Liam Hemsworth
Thor’s brother is a good actor but he’s sadly still in his brother’s shadow. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the brother that did the Hunger Games, but we should give this guy a shot nonetheless.



Getting Too Much Attention: Will Smith
I’ve got two words for you there: After Earth. The last good Smith movie was Men in Black II, and that’s been quite a while.



Getting Too Little Attention: Emily VanCamp
After knocking multiple TV shows out the park, she made the skip to movies by – you’ll never guess it – joining the MCU as Sharon Carter. She’s nailed every role she’s been cast in, yet she’s not a household name. What gives, Hollywood?

Getting Too Much Attention: Adam Sandler
Please, just do comedy a favor and stop giving this person movies. He’s not funny and his humor has been wearing increasingly thin since the late 90s. I doubt I’ve had a decent laugh at an Adam Sandler movie since we discovered Y2K was nonsense.

Getting Too Little Attention: Sebastian Stan
Mostly known for playing the Winter Soldier, probably the MCU character with the most “depth” going for him. It’s not easy to add some drama to a superhero role, but Sebastian had it covered and I’m sure he’ll be just as good in Infinity War.



Getting Too Much Attention: Zac Efron
Let’s face it – he’s good-looking, but he has very limited acting range. Baywatch is about as far as his talent reaches, so I can’t see him becoming one of the great actors that can do any role they want. I mean, he can do an entertaining action movie, sure. But so can most people. They just don’t look like Zac Efron.

Getting Too Little Attention: Tom Holland
By now you get the point – the MCU is Hollywood’s new diving board. Despite now finally getting known as the newest Spider-Man, Tom Holland has starred in some great films already. I’m pretty sure he’ll get the attention he deserves after Infinity War hits.