A Tribute to Christopher Lee’s Best Movies


A Tribute to Christopher Lee's Best MoviesSir Christopher, you were and will always be the perfect gentleman!

Christopher Frank Carandini Lee died on June the 7th 2015 at the age of 93. His death has left millions of fans around the world in sorrow and mourning his passing. His contribution to cinema cannot be measured. This legendary actor holds a Guinness record for the most screen credits, having appeared in 244 films and TV movies during his career. So, we have plenty of movies to choose from. But there’s one particular type of characters that Christopher Lee just nails – it’s plaing the bad guys. To honor his contribution to the world to cinema, we decided to name the 6 most villainous Christopher Lee performances.



6. Star Wars franchise
The prequels might not be the greatest films in cinema history but Christopher Lee steals every scene he’s in. His portrayal of Count Dooku was truly menacing
6.  Star Wars franchise 1

6.  Star Wars franchise 2



5. The curse of Frankenstein
Christopher’s performance in this movie was stellar and launched Christopher Lee’s career in the genre
5.  The curse of Frankenstein 1

5.  The curse of Frankenstein 2



4. The Mummy
When you look back at Lee’s filmography you can see that the iconic actor took on roles of various classic monsters. It’s highly advisable for everyone to re-watch this 1959 movie. Lee’s performance will send chills down your spine
4. The Mummy



3. The Man With the Golden Gun
Being a Bond villain is always a tough job. And Christopher Lee proves that being in a bad movie doesn’t mean that you have to be bad in it. Lee played an assassin named Scaramanga and made Bond baddies truly intimidating. And in that regards, it’s a remarkable movie. Fun fact: Christopher Lee is Ian Fleming’s step-cousin
3. The Man With the Golden Gun 1

3. The Man With the Golden Gun 2



2. The Lord Of The Rings Franchise
Looks like Lee was born for this role. Sir Christopher confessed that he was a tremendous Tolkien fan and used re-read the trilogy every year. Fun fact: Sir Cristopher Lee was the only cast member who actually knew Tolkien personally.
2. The Lord Of The Rings Franchise 1

2. The Lord Of The Rings Franchise 2



1. Dracula
Lee completely redefined this character. For the longest time the only actor who had been associated with Dracula was Bela Lugosi. But Lee made Count Dracula more sophisticated and a scarier monster. This movie was shot in 1958 and no one has ever tackled the role with such talent as Lee since then
1. Dracula 1

1. Dracula 2