A Norwegian Artist Dazzles With Amazing Face Paintings


There are so many makeup artists on Instagram these days that it makes it very hard to keep an eye on all of them. However, there are some artists whose talent is so amazing that it makes them truly stand out of a crowd.
Meet Ida Rambraut, a 19 years old artist from Roros, Norway, who combines her love for art and history with incredible makeup skills using her own face as a canvas. She’s got almost 50K followers on Instagram and became quite a sensation in Norway. She’s even been invited to do the talking on the radio a couple of times.

How it all started
It all started when Ida was in 10th grade, she fell in love with makeup, and she’s been mastering her skills ever since – from theater makeup to facepaint to classic beauty makeup – and her talent speaks for itself. Ida has been drawing pretty much as long as she can remember, but never with makeup, let alone using her face as a canvas. When you look at her photos, it’s hard not to get fascinated with her work.

It might look like an easy-peasy job, but creating these masterpieces takes loads of time and money. But as you can see, the result is totally worth it. Ida admits that it usually takes up to six hours to create one piece. She never knows when the inspiration hits her. She never has a clear plan in her head, she just starts looking through the images on her phone and lets her imagination fly.

“The Timeline” series
With all the makeup artists on the market, she knew she needed to come up with something really unique and usual to make her work really stand out. So she decided she would combine the two things she loved the most – art and history. This is how the project “The Timeline” was born.

The project started out as a series of photos featuring different historical events and important moments, such as evolution, the Black Death, the volcano eruption over Pompeii, the moon landing, the Viking Age and Napoleon’s ravages through Europe.

Self-taught makeup artist
Despite being a naturally talented kid, Ida did have to learn some tips and tricks, but she never went to art school. She’s is 100% a self-taught who used to spend hours watching tons of makeup videos on YouTube. She got so fascinated with all those cool optical illusions that she just thought “why not try it for myself?”

Certainly, Ida is planning on going to school to become a professional makeup artist. But only after she finishes her study in hairdressing at the local University. Even though Ida is already a very skillful artist, she believes there is still a lot she has to learn, cause there is no limit for perfection, right? Her biggest dream is to work as a wigmaker and makeup artist at the opera in Oslo.