9 Ordinary People Who Accidentally Became Hollywood Stars


They did not go to theater schools but dreamed about becoming celebrities since their childhood. They just happened to have found themselves in the right place at the right time, as if becoming Hollywood stars was written in their destiny. Here are 9 amazing cases of how the sheer power of circumstance made 9 ordinary people into A-class Hollywood idols.



1. Harrison Ford
He was fixing a door in the movie studio and George Lucas noticed him. Talk about the right place at the right time!



2. Evangeline Lilly
Back when she was a flight attendant, Evangeline was coming home, and a random talent agent offered her a modeling gig.

3. Will Smith
One day this fresh rap prince of Bell-Air got lost and asked for directions. Turns out the person that helped him was the vice president of Warner Bros.

4. Bruce Willis
Bruce joined the school theater because he wanted to get rid of the stutter. He used to be bullied for it, and now he’s a movie star. Go figure.



5. Clint Eastwood
After miraculously surviving a plane crash, baby-face Clint was invited to a talk show where the entire country saw him and some agent took note.

6. Nick Jonas
A six-year-old boy was so bored waiting for his mom in a hair salon, that he started singing. Some random woman who was also waiting to get her hair done appeared to be a talent agent.

7. Eva Mendez
One sunny day she helped out her neighbor to finish his port-folio. Of course, when people saw her in those photos, the gears started moving.



8. Ashton Kutcher
He was just chilling in a bar when suddenly some dude came up to him and offered to take part in a modeling contest. Believe it or not – Ashton won!

9. Rosario Dawson
She was sitting on the stairs of one of the skyscrapers in Manhattan, when a studio exec noticed her pretty face and offered her a role. Doesn’t get any luckier than that!