9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills


It’s not a secret celebs like to spend money – it’s all part of the game! If they didn’t buy all these modern cars and crazy expensive villas, then who would? That being said, some celebrities have become real pros at throwing away thousands of dollars, buying the most bizarre things. Well, to look like a million dollars you also have to spend quite a lot of money on beauty procedures, latest designer clothes, gyms, vacations, and sometimes even doctors (they’re human after all). So, without further ado, here are 9 of the most expensive celebrity monthly bills, and you’ll be shocked to see who’s on top of the list.

Kim Kardashian

Well, we can only imagine how much Kim spends to maintain her beauty now, but according to the documents that surfaced after her divorce with Kris Humphries her monthly expenses were $44 000. Most of it went on clothes and as little as $6 000 on travelling. Mind you, this was year 2014!

Kim Kardashian | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston does look gorgeous, so it comes as no surprise that she spends a hefty amount on money to maintain her looks and fit bod. Sources say that $8 000 goes on her skincare and diet alone! This includes yoga classes, monthly rejuvenating serum, and services of a dietician.

Jennifer Aniston | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard was a peculiar influence on Mr. Depp as his monthly went as high as $2 million at one point! It’s hard to believe it, but divorce documents don’t lie about such things. An astounding amount of $30 000 was spent on wine alone. Still, Johnny Depp wasn’t spending much on himself: $300 000 was spent as a salary to his staff of 40 members and $150 000 he spent on security for his kids. This man is a real gem!

Johnny Depp | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Mike Tyson

When you’re a proud owner of two Bengali Tigers you’ll want to spend as much money on them as possible. Each month Mike Tyson spends $15 000 only to feed his big cats! That is one generous man and I’m wondering just how much money his spends on his own diet and training.

Mike Tyson | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Amber Heard

Rumour has it that Johnny Depp got a huge debt while being married to Amber Heard. Well no wonder! This woman is a real spendthrift – her monthly bill is $43 700, out of which $2 000 she spends on ‘household items’ and groceries, and another spectacular $2 000 to eat out. What’s more striking is that her average income is no more than $10 000!

Amber Heard | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan might be an extravagant spender, but her and Hulk Hogan’s divorce papers revealed that she actually spent more money on pets than on herself! Around $1 400 were spent on pet expenses, while on her own grooming she spent no more than $800 per month.

Linda Hogan | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce documents revealed something quite striking – at that time pop singer spent as much as $150 000 per month! Yep, you read that right. $17 000 were spent on transportation, $10 250 went for utility bills, a spectacular amount of $16 000 she spent on new clothing, and, wait for it, $4 758 – to order takeout food! I really hope she eats healthier now.

 Britney Spears | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar


There’s no denying the fact that Queen B is an extravagant spender. Still, it comes as a bit of a shock when you find out that she spends $500 000 per month on house rent only. Throw in $75 000 spent on travelling, $8 000 to keep a bodyguard, a publicist with a $10 000-salary, and a live-in chef with a salary of around $7 500 – and you got a pretty impressive monthly bill! Beyoncé is a real diva and her monthly bill is proof of that.

Beyoncé | 9 Of The Most Expensive Celeb Monthly Bills | ZestRadar

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq just might be the biggest spender on the list!  Every month he spends a spectacular amount of $60 000 on gifts alone (which is amazing if you want my opinion), and $12 775 on food and drinks.  Apparently he’s really fond of travelling as this passion costs him $110 000 per month. Oh, and don’t forget that $468 000 of rent money he spends on his three houses!