9 Black Mirror Facts Most Fans Don’t Know


Black Mirror is a mixed bag for many people, myself included. You can love one episode, hate the next one, and love the next one after that! But, thankfully, like any other anthology, Black Mirror episodes are not connected, so you can go ahead and skip anything you don’t agree with. That said, I hope you’ve seen all the episodes (multiple times), so you can enjoy all these facts even more!



1. After her astonishing role in the “Nosedive” episode, the one where everyone’s dependent on social media ratings (BTW, Community did it first), Bryce Dallas Howard asked her Uber driver what her ranking was. Let’s just say she was a bit shocked when he told her it’s a measly 4.8!



2. Rejoice, book worms! Black Mirror book trilogy is in the works! First volume will be out in May 2018.

3. As you may have noticed, the episodes aren’t connected but the show does take place in the same universe, so there are some references and Easter eggs sprinkled around.

4. Black Mirror’s creator Charlie Brooker often pitches his ideas to the show-runner, and if he thinks that such a situation must never ever come to life, he knows he’s on the right track.



5. One of the best episodes of season 3, “San Junipero“, was not shot in California, can you imagine? Instead the action took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Spanish lingo with a little Afrikaner’s accent.

6. Have you spotted Oona Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter in one of the episodes? Go re-watch “White Christmas” where she’s starring with Jon Hamm. Too much talent in one episode!

7. “Black Mirror” refers to the technology around us, like TV’s, iPhones, tablets – basically, everything with a screen. If you just stare at it, it looks like a black mirror. It is indeed a pretty amazing title.



8. Proxima Nova Bold. Oh, you didn’t know? That’s the name of the font! You’re welcome, I guess.

9. Charlie Brooker thinks that binge-watching “Black Mirror” is a bad idea. In his opinion, a single episode is already like getting hit by a car. So is one car not enough for you? To which I can only say “no, it is not”.