8 TV Shows With Plot Lines So Twisted It Hurts To Even Think About Them


There are so many TV shows right now that it’s nearly impossible to impress the viewers with something new. Writers are trying to come up with the most elaborate plot lines to keep the audience glued to the screen, and more often than not they actually succeed. From legendary shows like Game of Thrones and Lost to Prison Break and Homeland, we’ve gathered some of the most spectacular and unexpected plot twists that surprised thousands of viewers. It’s about time you got your mind turned inside out! Here are 8 TV shows with plot lines so twisted it hurts to even think about them.
Game of Thrones – Ned’s Death

Back when the show was airing its very first season in 2011 we had no idea just how bloodthirsty George R. R. Martin would become. That’s why it was quite a shocker when Ned Stark, the head of Winterfell and one of the most honorable men in the Game of Thrones Universe, was brutally beheaded right in front of our (and his children’s) eyes. It was definitely not the bloodiest murder in the Game of Thrones, but it was among the first ones, thus, making it the most surprising.

Sherlock Season 4

Pretty much every episode of BBC’s Sherlock season 4 is packed with plot twists that go far beyond everything we’re used to seeing on TV. Mary, Dr. Watson’s wife, was killed in the very first episode, leaving her husband in dismay with a baby daughter on his hands and a mystery of his wife’s identity to solve. But that definitely wasn’t the most shocking revelation as it turned out Sherlock himself had a sister named Eurus all along! And not just any sister, but an evil (and damaged) mastermind that has been behind Moriarty and his doings since the very beginning of the show. Yes, it’s definitely time to re-watch the series.

Twin Peaks Killer

Twin Peaks is definitely one of the most intriguing (and, at times, disturbing) TV shows ever created. David Lynch made everything in his power to create a thrilling plot that revolves around the murder of Laura Palmer. As it turned out in the end, her own father, Leland Palmer, was possessed by Killer Bob, so he was the one who molested and killed her. The whole plot twist is so bizarre and controversial it hurts to even think about it!

Lost Finale

Love it or hate it, but Lost is one of the most mind-twisting shows ever created. It definitely became a trend-setter and inspired a plethora of TV shows with equally bizarre plot lines. Season 3 finale had one of the most peculiar and heart-wrenching moments when we finally realized that the scenes with a worn-out, beardy Jack weren’t in fact flashbacks, but rather the aftermath of his experience on the Island. It definitely turned the whole plot upside down!

Prison Break Non-Siblings

You may or may not love the direction Prison Break went after the brilliant first season, but there’s no denying the fact that this is one of the most entertaining plot lines we’ve ever seen. The whole idea of a genius engineer deliberately going to prison to break his innocent brother out is amazing on its own, but once you get deeper into the series, even more twisted events start to unfold. Yet, brothers not actually being brothers is one of the most mind-bending ones! We should have seen this coming with them being so different in looks, characters, and IQ, but no one was genius enough to spot these small discrepancies. In the end, it was a truly genius plot-twist that took the show to a whole new level of awesome.

Game of Thrones – Red Wedding

Yes, Game of Thrones is notorious for its number of unexpected and brutal deaths of main characters, but Red Wedding still caught everyone off guard, both on TV and in the books. How could we imagine a massacre of such scale? Yet if you re-watch previous episodes it all makes perfect sense plot-wise. Yet we truly didn’t expect to see so many deaths (the Lady of Winterfell, a pregnant wife, and the King in the North) killed in one swift, perfectly crafted scene with the disturbing Rains of Castamere playing in the background. It was bloody, but it was genius as well!

Homeland’s Brody

Homeland is one of the most intense TV shows of the decade, with a plot line that explores terrorism like we’ve never seen before. A psychological thriller by its nature, Homeland steps close to understanding the psychology of a traitor and a killer, as well as the whole machine of patriotism with all its halftones. Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis, is a damaged character that had us questioning his loyalties for the most part of the show. It was unbearable to watch Carrie trying to crack him while losing her own grip on reality, until finally it all came to an end and the truth was revealed. He was, in fact, planted by terrorists!

Dexter and His Brother

Dexter was awesome right from the start when we first heard his inner dialogue, which was entertaining to say the least. The appearance of Dexter’s antagonist, the Ice Truck killer, made the show even more intriguing than it already was. But what no one expected was a plot twist straight out of Bollywood movies! The fact that the Ice Truck killer was actually Dexter’s brother became a true revelation for most of the fans, but it was an even bigger shocker for Dexter himself. It was definitely one of the best movies ever shown on TV.