8 TV Shows That Will Knock Your Socks Off In 2018


We’re quite used to modern TV series being pretty awesome, yet there’s a whole plethora of other TV programs that are just as attention grabbing. From Bear Grylls to America’s Next Top Model, modern reality TV shows are filled with unscripted dialogues, gritty action scenes, drama, comedy, and romance that keep even the pickiest viewers glued to the screens. If you still haven’t found a show that fully captures your attention, you need to search no more. Here we’ve gathered 8 reality TV shows that will knock your socks off this year.



Project Runway
Project Runway is back once again with fashion challenges that surpass everything we’ve ever seen before. This season designers need to work as hard as ever to win the prize, creating everything from unconventional looks to bridal dresses, swimsuits and avant-garde gowns. Working both alone and in teams, each of them has to reveal his or her personal taste level and style. This show is a must-see!



Running Wild with Bear Grylls
Everyone knows Bear Grylls and the type of adventures he likes. Nevertheless, there are still people willing to take part in his dangerous endeavors, while getting filmed in real time. This season we get to see Lena Headey, Uzo Aduba, Scott Eastwood, and handsome Joseph Gordon-Levitt leaving their lives behind to find food, water, and shelter on a deserted island somewhere in the wilderness.

NOVA Wonders
The new NOVA miniseries are created especially for those wanting to know more about cosmos, Universe, science, and everything in-between. Each episode addresses a peculiar scientific mystery and finds an answer however impossible it may be. For example, did you know about animal’s secret language? And is it possible for an AI to surpass human abilities? You’ll get to know all this and more!

One Strange Rock
Darren Aronofsky directed a documentary featuring a new look on our planet Earth and шеы fragile, yet majestic wonders – all through the eyes of astronauts! For the first time in TV history astronauts from the International Space Station get to tell their stories about what it’s like to be in space and the experience of perceiving Earth from up above.



Mysteries of the Abandoned
Humanity is good at constructing things of all kinds and it’s even better at abandoning them. Our world is filled with decaying bridges, old factories, empty plants, and crumbling houses of all kinds. Who built them and when? Mysteries of the Abandoned explores the enigmatic past of places like the Japanese Hashima Island or Kinzua Viaduct steel bridge in Pennsylvania.

Nailed It!
It’s hard to impress anyone with a cooking show these days, that’s why the creators of Nailed It! came up with a totally different concept – they let the worst home bakers try their luck in preparing food masterpieces worthy of top chefs. It’s hard to tell whether the show is about cooking skills or the complete lack of such, yet this is exactly what makes this show so special!

Weddings can be pretty stressful experiences, but not when you’re one of the crazy Bridezillas who are not afraid to go over the top. Each episode starts with the future-to-be newlyweds and the story of their relationships, ending with Bridezilla going absolutely crazy with wedding preparations. As crazy as the show may be, the happy couple usually ends up going through with the wedding ceremony.

America’s Got Talent
Hosted by Tyra Banks, the new episodes of America’s Got Talent will take place during the hot summer days with Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandell, and Simon Cowell delivering their witty remarks while judging America’s best (and sometimes worst) talents. Prepare for a new portion of magicians, singers, dancers, and performers of all sorts competing in the most versatile TV show of all time. What will the former Spice Girl bring to the table? We’ll have to wait and see!