8 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models of 2018


Maybe you’ve heard of this small, extremely local brand of lingerie and beauty products for women called Victoria’s Secret? Yeah, that the one with the highest paid models in the world (citation needed). If you ever want to see some of the most gorgeous women gathered in one place, you either go to the Rihanna concert or tune into the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show. By the way, did I mention these girls are making millions every time they take a stroll down the catwalk? That’s right, you’re basically like a worm for them, or even less than that.


If you were curious, here are the top 8 richest Victoria’s Secret Models in no particular order!



1. Gigi Hadid – $13 Million
23 years old model born in California. Gigi started modeling when she was just 2 years old! In 2015, she became the model of the year according to the Los Angeles Fashion Awards, and currently has networth of $13 million.



2. Joan Smalls – $16 Million
This stunning Puerto Rican model is one of the most successful models who ever lived. Mere 6 years after she started out Joan started working with big names like Prada, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, and was ranked 8th on the World’s Highest Paid Models list.


3. Kendall Jenner – $18 Million
Meet the young Kardashian clan member! She may only be 22 years old, but thanks to her family’s connections, Kendall is already worth $18 million. Did you know she also has over 93 million followers on Instagram? That’s an insane amount of people.

4. Taylor Hill – $6 Million
Taylor Hill became a Victoria’s Secret model at the age of 19, and in 3 years she already reached $6 million USD net worth! In addition to being ranked #17 on The World’s Top Earning Models list, Taylor is also one of the most beautiful women of 2018.



5. Lily Aldridge – $8 Million
Lily’s career began with Abercrombie and Fitch, when she was just 16. Since then she joined the Victoria’s Secret models and became an Angel in 2010.


6. Liu Wen – $35 Million
This 30-year-old Chinese model is worth at least $35 million and she’s managed to get to this point in a little over 13 years. Liu Wen was the first Chinese lady to join Victoria’s Secret Angels, which in turn made her one of the most famous Chinese celebrities.

7. Alessandra Ambrosio – $60 Million
We’re down to 2 wealthiest super models on the planet. The legendary Alessandra Ambrosio, born in Brazil, is worth a whopping $60 million! Ever since she was 12, Alessandra knew she’d reach the stardom status one day, that’s why she kept going forward. Today she’s considered to be one of the hottest women on Earth!


8. Adriana Lima – $75 Million
And at the top of the list we got Adriana Lima, whose net worth has surpassed $75 million. Adriana became an Angel in 2000, and is currently the most profitable Victoria’s Secret model, earning around $11 million annually.