8 Reality TV Shows That Have Gone Too Far for Rating


Reality TV shows are known to cross all possible boundaries when it comes to ratings and views. The more daring one show gets, the harder it gets for all the upcoming shows to fill the shoes of the predecessor. In order to become even more addictive and gain millions of views, screen-writers come up with a variety of over the top ideas that would seem crazy to an ordinary person. But not to them! And the funny thing is, people actually watch these shows! Here are 8 reality shows that have gone too far for rating.



Japanese shows have always been among the weirdest ones when it came to props. This one, Tore, is no different and apart from the usual trivia you get to see people mummified. Well, sort of. Each time a participant doesn’t answer the question correctly, he or she gets wrapped in white cloth. ‘Weird’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!



The creators of this show were probably inspired by the jail’s solitary confinement and that alone is quite a disturbing thought. The contestants of this show are kept in solitary for several weeks without any human contact whatsoever. During this time they have to complete all kinds of mental tasks with close to no sleep at all. This is just wicked!

The Intercept
Russians also know a thing or two about crazy games. In The Intercept contestants are being put on the other side of the law. The participants drive a stolen car and are considered hijackers. If they can evade police for over half an hour – the car is theirs!

This is one of those shows that will make you believe the humanity is doomed. It’s an online dating reality show that reveals all the dirtiest laundry of its participants. Each of them has to expose three most cringe-worthy facts about themselves and then decide if they can deal with all this information and actually date one another. The secrets range from ‘I feed my puppy with a spoon in a restaurant’ to ‘I cry everyday’.



Candy or Not Candy
It’s hard to imagine a show like this airing in the U.S. or any other country other than Japan. The contestants are put in a truly weird environment where they need to find out whether the objects they are surrounded with are made of chocolate or not. They need to taste all kinds of things that can even include shoes and toilet seats!

Naked and Afraid
The Discovery Channel does know a thing or two about wilderness and survival. The new show, Naked and Afraid, has two participants, one male and one female, that need to survive on a remote island without any food, clothes, or water.

Hoarders lets the viewers take a sneak peek into the lives of the most horrendous hoarders on the planet.

Who’s Your Daddy?
This show survived only one episode and was soon cancelled by Fox for being too inappropriate and embarrassing. An adopted woman was placed in a room with 25 guys, one of which was her biological father. If she had guessed who it was, she would have walked away with $100,000.