8 New Cartoon Mysteries And Unexpected Truths Behind Them


Whether you are a child, a teen, a grown-up (or a grown-up child) watching cartoons is always fun, especially when they are chock-full of plot holes and various riddles that make your imagination run wild. Sometimes creators put special codes and so-called Easter Eggs into animation, while other times viewers need to use their own creativity to explain certain phenomena that simply don’t make sense (or directors didn’t bother enough to create a believable explanation). Here are 8 new cartoon mysteries and unexpected truths behind them.

SpongeBob Squarepants – the Krabby Patty

Plankton has been dreaming to get the famous Krabby Patty recipe since the beginning of the show. Yet whenever he was close to stealing the formula to open his own restaurant, he was stopped – either the story didn’t go further or SpongeBob intervened and saved the day. Viewers believe there is actually no secret formula – it’s just a marketing trick Mr. Krabs came up with to make his patties famous.

Zootopia – news anchors

Now this is a tricky detail that can be easily missed as we usually watch only the version of animation meant for our country, not others. Disney decided to be smart about the news anchors they presented in Zootopia and changed the animals for local ones to make the animation more relatable. A deer that was presented in the U.S. is a less common animal for other countries, so he was replaced by panda, koala, and even leopard for different countries. All these are endangered species in China, Australia, and Brazil!

The Simpsons – Homer’s makeover

Not many people know that originally Homer looked nothing like the loveable lazy character we know and love today. At first designers thought he’d be a conventional dad from the 80s, but as the series progressed he turned out to be nothing of the sort, that’s why his appearance needed to be altered, too.

Lilo & Stitch – Mulan

Our beloved Lilo & Stitch is packed with Mulan references! There are a few explanations for that, one being that Mulan was such a great hit back in the day with a strong female character that could take care of herself that the creators included her in the animation. Another and more obvious one is that Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders who created Lilo & Stitch also worked on Mulan as well.

SpongeBob Squarepants – Pear’s Mom

Another great mystery of SpongeBob is where exactly Pearl came from and who was her mom? The whereabouts of Pearl’s mom are yet to be discovered and the show’s creator Stephen HIllenburg doesn’t want to reveal any additional info about her (for now). Fans have been speculating that little Pearl has been abandoned after birth and that’s when Mr. Krabs got her. Her mother might have also been taken away by whale hunters.

Gravity Falls – the secret message of Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is definitely one of the coolest antagonists we’ve ever seen on screen, which made his spectacular demise both delightful and regretful. Oh, the awful and adventurous things he might have done! While it might seem that Bill Cipher is gone for good, there is some evidence that he could make another appearance. In the last series of the show, before Ford erased Bill from his memory, the evil mastermind uttered his farewell words “A-X-O-L-O-T-L my time has come to burn, I invoke the ancient power that I may return,” hinting that he could still make an appearance later if the show has more seasons. Fans believe he might have already been resurrected in a form of a bird.

Coco – the Towers of Time

Coco’s Towers of Time are truly remarkable if you just stop for a minute and take a good look at their architecture. After zooming in the original concept art of the towers, you’ll notice that they’re packed with iconic buildings and pieces of architecture from different periods of Mexico’s history, starting from ancient pyramids and ending with modern day skyscrapers.

Hey Arnold! – Arnold’s Parents

We know that Arnold’s parents are not a myth because, well, he had to come from somewhere, right? But the show did little to reveal what happened to them until they were mentioned in season 3 as explorers who went missing while being on a humanitarian mission in the fictional country of San Lorenzo somewhere in Central America. We got some closure only in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie when it was revealed they got trapped in a remote village taken over by the sleeping sickness, which prevented them from coming back home.