8 Most Powerful Avengers Ever


The Marvel Universe showed us that there is nothing impossible and you can have superheroes with all sorts of super powers including intelligence (looking at you, Iron Man). With all these incredible powers it is very hard to spot the ones whose strengths can make a huge difference in the outcome of any fight. As the final Avengers film is out now, we can say for sure who is the best.



Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange’s power is something that he worked hard for and it totally pays off. His ability to travel between realms means that his powers can possibly be limitless, he can already manipulate time and detect both mystical and physical threats. This character was overlooked but now he takes honorable place among Avengers.


Captain Marvel
Marvel’s female version of Superman, Captain Marvel proves that combination of super strength, speed and stamina are dangerous cocktail. This Kree-human hybrid is not afraid to act and incredible ability to accumulate energy and then blasting it will barely leave anyone alive. Captain Marvel has great potential and her strong personality make her a perfect Avenger.



The Hulk is known to get in fights with his fellow companions (and actually beat them). The Hulk is definitely the strongest as most opponents avoid one to one with this Avenger. Having someone like Hulk on your side means that you will have a huge advantage. As Hulk’s strength is connected to his anger the only thing you need to do to make him the strongest is to keep him furious. With this in mind, it’s also his weakness, you need to keep this one angry.


The God of Thunder is not a joke and Thor is fairly considered one of the (if not the one) most powerful Avengers. Equipped with his magic hammer, he has a wide range of attacks from lightning strikes and energy blasts to perfect physical attack with hammer or without. Being immortal is an extra bonus which makes it a bit harder to fight him. Overall, he is a decent opponent to Hulk in the most powerful title.


Ant-Man’s unusual set of skills makes this superhero a great asset to Avengers team. Even though the trick is in his suit, he still had to learn how to fight and use its features. This character had one of the best developments from con man to superhero and his smarts have actually allowed him to be both big and small.



Iron Man
Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and a total badass. And on top of that add all the amazing technology he uses to fly, shoot lasers and protect humanity. As if Iron Man’s suit is not good enough, he has even more including nano-tech which changes him on the go and so many cards up his sleeve that each attack will be reflected. Unfortunately, he is still a mortal man with incredible genius.


Black Panther
Black Panther is one of the most recent additions to Avengers team. Incredible suit, which makes this Wakanda king a phenomenal warrior, is actually made of vibranium unlike the one Iron Man has. With the support of advance technology of his people and highly trained bodyguards, Black Panther is up there when it comes to a tough fight.



Scarlet Witch
While comics Scarlet Witch can destroy all mutants with her chaos magic and is the most powerful, the one in the MCU is a bit less of an overkill. She still is able to manipulate reality using her hex powers, use telekinesis and get in your mind quite literally. We praise her for her mind-blowing powers but we have to admit that she has some problems controlling them.