8 Mind-Blowing Documentaries Everyone Should Watch


Documentaries are becoming more and more popular with each passing year, covering a wide range of topics from climate change and our impact on nature to why humans were born and where they are heading. The most beautiful thing about documentaries is that they offer you a unique perspective on an unaltered reality that we live in. This is not fiction, but for some it may look like one because, really, we live in a truly enchanting world filled with weirdness and wonder. If you are willing to explore the mysteries of nature, Earth, and human consciousness, here are 8 mind-blowing documentaries to do just that.



A stunning study on the human nature that desperately tries to find (and some might argue actually does) the answer to the centuries-old question: what does it mean to be human? An inspirational work that shows humanity’s highs and lows with breathtaking visuals, dramatic music, and interviews with people from all over the globe. It covers most of the issues we’re facing in the modern-day society including racial differences, religion, poverty, the overflow of garbage, and the inability of human beings to take care of the environment they’re living in.



Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell
Unlike most documentaries that take us outwards into space and beyond, Life of a Cell does the complete opposite and takes us deep inside our own bodies packed with cells and a whole bunch of microorganisms. Behold the battle of a century between viruses and cells that’s happening right now as we speak inside the bodies of each and every human being. This documentary animation offers a unique opportunity to take a glimpse of what’s happening to us on a cellular level.


NOVA The Fabric of the Cosmos and The illusion of Time
What if we told you that time wasn’t as linear as everyone thought? That it can bend, twist, and, oh yes, run in the reverse direction. This documentary is taking a sneak peek into the very heart of Matter itself, starting with the Big Bang and ending with the deepest and darkest of black holes. To say that this documentary is mind-bending would be a huge understatement!

Ron Fricke tried to capture the very essence of life in his visually stunning work of art – Baraka. This is the one motion picture that is worth a thousand words as it is virtually impossible to coherently describe what this documentary is about. It captures everything from modern day society to remote temples and animals deep in the jungle in such a fantastic and visually captivating way that you can only sit glued to the screen experiencing this journey like a spectacular, lucid dream. Definitely a masterpiece!



Dhamma Brothers
Is it possible to find peace in prison? East met West in the Alabama’s maximum security facility that became a transformation ground for a few thousand men when they were introduced to the Buddhist teachings, the Vipassana meditation in particular. These people would never see the light of day, but by the end of the 10-day silent meditation course most of them had been transformed in ways no one could imagine.


Surviving Progress
Surviving Progress dives deep into the process of modern day evolution exploring its weak spots and the devastating effect progress is having not only on the environment, but on the humanity itself. The pace humanity is moving towards self-destruction is truly scary, but there are still things that can be done to prevent even more poverty, hunger, and environmental pollution. This is one of those rare cases when documentary not simply gathers the facts, but also looks for solutions.

Terence McKenna: The Transcendental Object at the End of Time
This documentary explores the legacy of Terrence McKenna, one of the greatest and most innovative thinkers and philosophers of the 90s. He was a botanist that regarded himself as a shaman who looked fearlessly into the mysterious depths of nature, human consciousness, and God himself. A modern prophet, a fool, an alchemist, and a magician that used words instead of spells, Terence McKenna was many things and this documentary reveals just how versatile were both his personality and worldview.


From the creators of Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds comes an even more in-depth study of what lies at the heart of awareness and human consciousness. This time the documentary explores the concept of Samadhi, the ultimate unity with the Universe, one of the highest states of mind all spiritual seekers dream to experience at least once in a lifetime. How is it possible to realize the true self? And is there such a thing as a separate person or this is just another illusion? Watch to uncover the answers to these existential questions and more.