8 Binge-Worthy Scandinavian TV Shows


Scandinavian TV shows have always been known for their atmosphere, pretty pictures, and sudden plot twists. It’s not a secret that Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are famous for their detective stories and head-spinning investigations. Here’s a list of the binge-worthy Scandinavian TV shows that are definitely worth a look.



Bron/Broen (The Bridge) (2011 – 2018)
In the center of the plot is the investigation of the mysterious murder of a woman, whose body was found in the very middle of the Öresund Bridge, linking the two states. But there is one interesting clue: her head is turned to Sweden, and her legs to Denmark. The question arises: whose city police should investigate what happened?
Duration: 4 seasons.



The Killing (2007 – 2012)
Detective Sarah Lund, who plans to move with her fiancé from Denmark to Sweden, refuses to do so because of the murder of a girl who requires an immediate investigation. Suspicion falls on the candidate for the post of mayor. But soon she comes to the conclusion that it’s time to look at the situation from a different angle.
Duration: 3 seasons.

Lilyhammer (2012 – 2014)
The story takes place in a small Norwegian town of Lilyhammer, where the Mafiosi Frank “The Fixer” Taglyano arrived in search of a refuge for himself. However, reality does not always coincide with what we want, and some things aren’t as smooth as it seemed at first glance.
Duration: 3 seasons.

Monster (2017)
Somewhere in the far corner of Northern Norway, a murder takes place that sheds light on a mass grave, linking all the cases together. The case is taken over by an experienced investigator, who came from the capital, and a female officer from the local police. Different characters, approaches and dubious past come into the spotlight, pushing the police to use radical methods.
Duration: 1 season.



Jordskott (2015 – …)
Over seven years ago, Eve lost her daughter in the woods of Silverheid. After her father passes away, she’s forced to come back to her hometown, only to find out that more kids went missing in the forest, and that her daughter was not the first case. This knowledge gives her new hope and she resumes her search.
Duration: 2 seasons.


Real Humans (2012 – 2014)
The story unfolds in the near future, when it will be difficult to distinguish robots from living people. However, there are still ways to distinguish them from each other, and thus the usual Sci-Fi shenanigans begin.
Duration: 2 seasons.

Wallander (2005 – 2013)
The story revolves around a police commissioner, a true snob and misanthrope by nature. He rarely sleeps or eats, but does not forget to drink a lot to the sound of opera music. He is also quite sharp and uses radical methods to achieve his goals, relying on his own intuition. But with such a character and way of life, even his own daughter does not always understand him.
Duration: 3 seasons.

Valkyrien (2017)
Working in a small private clinic without a large staff or a social package, a young doctor is eager to deal with any conditions, as long as he can work on the cure for his dying wife. Needing money sometimes leads to practicing not quite legal activities. For example, all of his patients are criminals who rarely see daylight, and he himself is a talented specialist who, in his spare time, conducts some rather strange experiments.
Duration: 1 season.