7 Times The Simpsons Predicted Future


It’s been 30 years since the first episode of The Simpsons set the world afire. And still, after so many seasons, it remains contemporary and up to date. It’s a crazy satire show that titillates the minds of both youngsters and adults alike. It’s just amazing how deeply they see the world and the way things function within it. However, fans have noticed some mystery surrounding the most exciting episodes – some things they depict come to life in the future. Here is the compilation of the most insane Simpsons predictions that became a reality.
1. Lady Gaga and the Super Bowl
The episode “Lisa Goes Gaga,” reveals the talented singer and her stunning performance for the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga was flying over the audience on a rope, and her costume was rather impressive too. In 2017, the real Gaga was honored to perform at the very same event. The singer came down the stadium roof dressed in a very similar outfit. Fans might say that she copied that from the show, but we have our doubts about that.

2. President Trump
The Simpsons knew Trump was going to become the head of the United States government back in 2000. Back then, nobody would even dare to think of Donald Trump making a claim for the presidential seat. But as we can see now, he is one and only ruler of the once great country.

3. Hilary Clinton
In one of those 2000 episodes, Bart glimpsed into the future and saw Lisa as the very first woman president. It seemed silly then, but his big sister looks just like Hilary Clinton as we know her today: her hair, smile and even her outfit are exactly what Hilary looks like now.

4. 9/11
September 11th, 2001 was predicted by the Simpsons back in 1997. This uncanny coincidence makes us feel like they have a crystal ball in their screenwriters’ room. Lisa shows off a brochure that says “New York at $9 a day”, and right behind that number 9 we can see the Twin Towers. The price in combination with those buildings looks like “9/11”. It’s all in the details.

5. The Downfall “Of Toys ‘R’ Us”
An episode from 2004 shows off this famous chain of kids’ stores shutting down. Springfield citizens are all depressed as they watch the sign being taken off the store. It’s sad, but a year ago, the chain claimed they are shutting down over a hundred stores all over the country. The company was losing their profit and unable to compete against giants like Amazon.

6. Smartwatch
1995 – the episode where we see the future of Apple products. Lisa had a chance to take a glance at her husband-to-be. What do we see? He’s talking to some odd gadget on his wrist that happens to resemble an Apple watch. If it wasn’t, it had incredibly similar functions.

7. Ebola virus
The Simpsons knew this deadly virus would become a problem 20 years before the outbreak – back in 1997. In a scene from the episode “Lisa’s Sax” Marge offers sick Bart a book entitled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.”