7 Superheroes Who Have Never Died


Superheroes have a very unusual fate. They help someone else sacrificing their life instead and this causes a lot of plot twists and comebacks which are unticipated by the fans. But there are only few superheroes who actually stay dead and even less who have never met death. Check this list of unusual superheroes who dodged the bullet.


Pretty powerful as a superhero, Shazam keeps us entertained with his childish behavior but at the same time he is almost equal to Superman. Recent Shazam! Movie has introduced him on the big screen and he’s there to stay. It was revealed though that the only way he can die for real is to say the word “die”.

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It’s a miracle that Daredevil has not yet experienced death in the main 616 Marvel World bearing in mind the pain Matt Murdock has to face on a daily basis. His secret identity had been revealed, his love had been murdered, his friendship had been destroyed and now he lives with the guilt because of the many things he has to do as a superhero. Matt had a hard time for sure, his battles with the likes of Bullseye, Typhoid Mary, Kingpin, the Owl and of course Frank Castle on many occasions were epic, yet still in his 55 comic book history he has always escaped death.

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We are used to seeing quite a few X-Men being killed, however, Beast is not one of them. Even Wolverine has met his fate yet Beast keeps standing. Let’s be honest a superpower is the only thing that can keep someone alive in a world full of super villains. And it is quite surprising that he survived this long without having any magical abilities or supernatural powers.

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Quicksilver actions caused a war between the humans and inhumans, he created “the house of m” reality where he came close to death at the hands of Magneto. Despite all of this we can’t help but admire Quicksilver, yes he is flawed, he has many family issues but he always carries on trying to do the very best job he can.

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Being shot and seriously wounded Jennifer Walters avoided death but got a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner who realized that if he didn’t do it she would die. Transformed into the She-Hulk as a result Jennifer was able to keep her intelligence whilst in Hulk form. She has been a member of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four having the epic battles from time to time, but managing to avoid death throughout.

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An Omega level mutant Iceman is very hard to harm and even harder to kill, Robby “Bobby” Drake can create ice from any source of moisture. A member of the X-men he has seen many battles and experienced hard times, fighting the likes of Pyro and many other super villains. Will he one day meet someone powerful enough to destroy him?

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The Falcon

The Falcon aka Sam Wilson is a massively important comic book character for many reasons. Firstly he was the first African American character not having “black” as part of his name, also he has taken on Captain America on many occasions. Sam lost his father and his nephew and most notably lost his sidekick Redwing in 2015 but he has managed to stay alive during many epic adventures.