7 Possible Aftermaths of “Captain America: Civil War”


First and foremost – there will be spoilers, so keep reading only if you don’t mind or if you’ve already seen the movie.
So, it’s been a few days since “Captain America: Civil War” hit theaters worldwide, and it’s about time to talk about the possible future subplots of the upcoming Marvel Phase 3 movies, along with other implications, wild speculations and food for thought that the Avengers have left us with.
I’ve personally seen Civil War at least 5 times, so I had a chance to focus on different minute details that didn’t quite click together on my first viewing. I’m glad to say that I’ve only noticed 1 major Ex-Machina moment (at least it’s the only one that’s been bugging me personally) but seeing as it’s a comic book movie, we can’t have the same realism level as in a documentary. But a bit later about that, now let’s see what the Marvel guys have prepared for us in the future!



Marvel Netflix-verse
Let’s be real, the reason why we love superhero comics is because of the crossovers. Nothing beats seeing characters like Thor interact with the likes of Spider-Man or the Hulk, right? So why haven’t we seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Luke Cage on the big screen yet? The easy answer would be – paperwork and logistics. They are actors after all, not drawn images. But still, Tony went straight for Spidey, even though he’s rather new in this biz. Was Matt Murdock too busy or too insignificant for the great Iron Man to notice? Who knows, but they better fix this in the upcoming movies! I would mention “Agents of SHIELD” as well, but they’re laying low, so maybe Stark’s search bots actually don’t know about Quake’s abilities.

Are we getting Nomad and Secret Avengers?
There was this time in the comics, when Cap went AWOL, and he became the Nomad. Then there was the US Agent and back to Cap. But we’ve established that the MCU movies don’t always follow the source material. Still, what other choice do they have? Cap and his team of “Secret Avengers” are basically fugitives now, so this sounds like the way to go. Not gonna lie, I love the chemistry of Cap’s team way more than Iron Man’s, so I’ll gladly see more of Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, Falcon, Hawkeye and even (possibly) Black Widow action.

Zemo’s “Masters of Evil”
So far most of the MCU movies have one huge problem – the villains just suck ass. Loki is the only bad guy that the fans love, maybe Thanos will shine when his time comes, but everyone else was garbage… Until we got Zemo. If they don’t kill the villain – they’ll definitely use him later on. A man with his planning skills and gift for scheming is a powerful asset and this is how we’ll get the Masters of Evil (hopefully), or maybe the MCU version of the Thunderbolts. Can’t wait!

Vision’s Infinity Stone
Like Vision himself said in the movie, this gem is a mystery. We all know that Thanos, at some point, will have all 6 Infinity Stones, including the one embedded in Vision’s forehead. His arc in many ways is somewhat similar to that of Adam Warlock, who in the comics also has a Soul Gem in his forehead and who is a known enemy of Thanos. I’d say this theory definitely has legs.

Vision and Wanda sitting on a tree…
Speaking of Vision – we’re getting there, guys and gals! Vision is already experiencing weird feelings when Wanda is around, and it’ll get even weirder. We probably won’t get the “House of M” storyline, where Wanda goes crazy and imagines herself having Vision’s babies, who then die, but they were never real to begin with, and… sorry, let’s just say that “it’s comic-book complicated”, but you get the idea – they’re meant to be together!

What will happen to the Winter Soldier?
He’s currently safely tucked in a Wakanda freezer, without his left hand and still having the HYDRA brainwash program in his head. But who else thinks that Stark’s “Binarily Augmented Retroframing”  (BARF – what a great acronym) thingamajig will be used to un-brainwash Bucky? This is definitely happening in “Black Panther” solo movie next year (or is it 2018?)

As a bonus here’s something that bugs me:
Security Camera EX MACHINA
This is my only gripe with “Captain America: Civil War” but it’s pretty much at the very core of the movie – in 1991 the Winter Soldier was ordered to fetch some super soldier serum and leave no witnesses. Turns out it was Howard Stark and his wife transporting it. They were driving through the woods, Bucky caught up to them, hit the car and killed both Starks… and all this was somehow caught on a security cam? In the middle of the woods? Well, it’s “woods” in the beginning and goes to “fense cam” when the video is revealed to Tony.
Inconsistent and very gimmicky, but whatever, the rest of the movie is 12/10!
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How did you like Civil War? And which side were you on? #TeamCap all the way, right?