7 Nigh Legendary Child Actors of 2017


It’s not every year we get to see so many astonishing performances from kids, as we did in 2017. Dafne Keen’s Laura in “Logan”, Anthony Gonzalez’s Miguel in “Coco”… You should have heard and seen these and other names from this list everywhere! And if for some reason you have not seen their respective movies or TV shows – please go check them out. You won’t regret it.


Anyway, let’s see who these 7 nigh legendary child actors of 2017 are!



1. Dafne Keen, “Logan”
Believe it or not, Laura, or X-23, was not Keen’s first role. A few years back she starred in the “Refugees” with her father. Both her parents are actors, so it’s not a huge surprise that Dafne is such a talented young lady, despite being only 12 years old. I’d be shocked if Marvel didn’t bring her back as X-23 in the future.



2. Brooklynn Prince, “The Florida Project”
To me “The Florida Project”, starring Brooklynn Prince (as well as Willem Dafoe), is just a heart-warming story, that took me back to the times of my youth… a couple of hundreds of years ago. Well, at least it feels like it’s been this long. But anyway, you can see how amazing Brooklynn was even from the trailer. Just trust me on this, you’ll be hearing her name. If not sooner then later. Also, do watch this delightful movie, if you have a chance.

3. Anthony Gonzalez, “Coco”
You may have not seen Anthony Gonzalez’s face yet, but you heard him sing like a gosh-darn pro in the recent Pixar animated movie – Coco. The movie is all about the family values, and traditions, with a lot of heart and astounding music. Even before giving his voice to Miguel, the actor has already starred in “The Bridge” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”! Oh, and, yeah, he’ s 12.

4. Jackson Robert Scott, “It”
The iconic “Georgie” boy, whose paper boat was washed down the drain… and got picked up by Pennywise the Dancing Clown himself, thus starting off one of the best movies of 2017. If not for little Georgie, watch “It” for the next person on the list…

5. Finn Wolfhard, “It”, “Stranger Things”
This year, well, LAST year, Finn Wolfhard was featured everywhere! As I’ve stated before, “It” (2017) is a freaking masterpiece and both Jackson Robert Scott, and Finn Wolfhard made the movie much better with their epic acting. Especially, since they’re basically kids and all. And let’s not forget about the second season of “Strangest Things”!

6. Ahn Seo-hyun, “Okja”
What do you get when you cross a hippo with a rhino? That’s right, you get that thing from “Okja”! It’s a cautionary tale full of loaded ecological issues, of course, starring Ahn Seo-hyun, a 13-year-old South Korean girl. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched it on Netflix, but it’s on my list!

7. Millie Bobby Brown, “Stranger Things”
And last but not least, is our dear Eleven from “Stranger Things”. Yeah, sure, maybe it’s unfair to have 2 “Stranger Things” actors on such a short list, but I couldn’t help it. To me her performance was above all praise, especially in the scenes with David Harbour (Hopper). Now, go watch all the things!