7 Best Game Of Thrones Season 8 Rumors And Theories


As you all probably know by now, Game of Thrones will start its last six-episode season in April 2019. After all that’s happened in Westeros for the last seven years, it’s anyone’s guess how the endgame will play out eventually. Let’s take a look at some popular theories and rumors of what could happen in the final season.



Bran Started It All
I’m not even talking about the well-known “Bran is the Night’s King” rumor. This is an entirely new theory, where it’s assumed that Bran actually was responsible for the voices in Mad King Aerys’ head! Going back in time, it’s been shown that Bran can interact in a very limited way with the people he’s spying on, so he could’ve been the one to drive Aerys mad and start the entire Game of Thrones.



Jaime Kills Cersei
Some filming location observations have shown that Jaime does seem to be siding with Jon and Daenerys in the last season, rather than with his sister. Cersei was always prophesized to be killed by her “little brother”, but no one said it had to be Tyrion, now did they?


Or Maybe Arya Does
Or Arya could kill Jaime, turn his face into a mask and use it to kill Cersei.

Clegane Battle?
With the Mountain now being a Zombie Mountain and Sandor Clegane also getting a more important role in the story, it seems more and more likely that these two brothers will meet on the fields of battle one last time – but this time on the opposite side. Who will win? I have no clue.


Sansa Wins The Game Of Thrones
Sansa’s been slowly but surely turning into a more likeable Cersei after Littlefinger showed her the ins and outs of politics in Westeros. Her decision to sentence Littlefinger to death seemed to be a turning point for her character, where she’s finally standing on her own two feet and not letting anyone manipulate her. This might be why she’ll come out on top in the last season.

Or Maybe Nobody Wins
We’ve assumed so far that at the end of season 8, someone will sit on the Iron Throne. Maybe we’re wrong and the Night’s King will just eradicate all life. I mean, he has an undead dragon. It’s not too far of a stretch to see an army of undead conquer a divided country, now is it?


Lady Stoneheart
A big omission from the books was Lady Stoneheart. The turned-undead-with-a-vengeance Catelyn Stark roamed the countryside, killing everyone associated with the Freys or the Lannisters. So far, the only character that’s been killing Freys or Lannisters has been Arya. Perhaps Arya becomes the Lady Stoneheart character – with or without a mask made of her mother’s face – and fills that role?