7 Actors Whose Career Were Ruined by the Oscars


Getting that elusive Oscar is an important achievement and the highest form of recognition for every actor. However, in some cases, this little statuette can make things worse and sometimes literally destroy peoples’ careers, becoming a “bad omen” of sorts.


Here are 7 actors whose careers were totally ruined by the Oscars.



1. Gwyneth Paltrow
Back in 1999 Paltrow won an Oscar for her role in the film “Shakespeare in Love”, after which her career began to show a decline. The star said that for some reason she started getting nothing but supporting roles, but her colleagues insist that Paltrow’s unbearable nature was at fault.



2. Halle Berry
This well-known actress was able to get her Oscar for starring in the drama “Monster Ball”, and from that moment on her career seemed to have caught a snag. In 2004 she appeared in the movie “Cat Woman”, which is one of the worst movies ever made. It even got Halle a Golden Razzie award, which still is a thing you can put on your desk!

3. Renée Zellweger
To show that she can play diverse characters, Renée accepted roles in various projects after “Bridget Jones Diary”, and finally got the big O for “Cold Mountain”. In subsequent years, Zellweger kept getting crappy roles, until “Bridget Jones Diary 2” came around.

4. Kim Basinger
In the 90s, the star got a lot of attraction thanks to the steamy drama “9 1/2 Weeks”, and “Secrets of Los Angeles”, for which she received her Oscar. And from that moment on, till last year, she was nowhere to be seen on the big screen. Up until “50 Shades Darker”. What a waste.

5. Adrian Brody
He received the long-awaited Oscar nomination in 2002, thanks to his amazing performance in “Pianist”, which was highly regarded by the audience, but for the actor the statuette served as a kind of a bad omen, and since that time he has not appeared in any serious project.

6. Forest Whitaker
Forest got his shiny Oscar for the 2007 movie “The Last King of Scotland”. Since then, because of strange coincidences, Whitaker did not play any leading roles, but since his appearance in the “Black Panther” I’m sure he’ll be doing just fine.

7. Tim Robbins
Best-known for playing in such films as “Shawshank Redemption” and “Mission to Mars”, Tim Robbins won an Oscar for his role in the “Mystic River” movie. Since 2004, Robbins only managed to participate in a single good project – “The War of the Worlds”, after which his career has rapidly declined.