6 World’s Most Amazing Animals


Somehow, people believe that we have explored the earth down to the bone. But in fact, there is a lot yet to be revealed. And with every new discovery, humanity realizes how little we actually know about our environment. Take the fauna, for instance: there are animals that actually break the laws of Mother Nature, leaving us flabbergasted. Men of logic first refused to believe these could be real, but eventually had to admit that there are animals which seem to defy the rules of sensibility.



1. Platypus
This cutie pie was first found in Australia, and there was no chance of bringing it to Europe alive, at first, due to the species’ weak heart and fear of their own shadows. But zoologists who worked on the green continent brought a dead platypus to the taxidermist and then sent it to their European colleagues by ship. The addressees were, so to say, shocked and first they thought that it was an evil joke. They even wrote an offensive letter claiming that was too cruel to combine a duck’s head and a beaver’s body as a jest. Later on, the conflict was solved, and now we are lucky to see these amazing animal many zoos today.

2. Port Jackson Shark
These guys have an extremely weird alien appearance. This venomous beast has one capability that shocks scientists: they can breath and eat simultaneously. No other shark is capable of that, and scientists have no idea why. Are they actually aliens?

3. Puerto Rican Semi-Slug
This green fellow has also caused zoologists a lot of confusion. It was pretty hard to decide what specimen was, in the end – a slug or a snail? It has a shell, but for unknown reasons, it is reduced in size, barely calcified and covered by its mantle. It is not a slug in a shell, but a shell in a slug. This is why they called it ‘a semi-slug’. It looks cute to us, no matter what it is.

4. Ratel
This animal is also known as the honey badger, made famous by that hilarious YouTube video. It belongs to the weasel family, and is related to skunks, otters, ferrets, and other badgers. It may seem like there is no reason for adding this fluffy pal to our list, but there is something unique about its skin – Ratels are completely resistant to bee, snake and even dog bites. Moreover, they are resistant to snake venom!

5. Spiny mouse
These tiny mammals from Africa give hope to humanity. Recent studies show their mechanism of organ regeneration might become that crucial knowledge for new research on the topic for our own race. Thanks to spiny mice, humans might start regenerating their own organs in the future. As for these tiny animals, it is proven that they can completely restore their skin after fights with their rivals.

6. Immortal jellyfish
If you want to live forever, start by taking a look at these see-through ocean inhabitants: the only living being that is actually immortal. After giving birth to the new generation, these unique creatures consider their mission complete. What they do is unbelievable: they go back to the stage of sexual immaturity, essentially becoming young again to live forever. It’s the fountain of youth that we all need, right?