6 Shows You Had No Idea Were A Real Trainwreck Behind the Scenes


Producing TV shows isn’t always the best and most positive experience. Some actors and actresses have huge egos that sometimes clash with other, smaller, but scrappier egos, and stuff get out of control fast. While they’re all professionals, and get the job done, what’s going on at the other side of the camera will definitely surprise you!


These are 6 shows you had no idea were a trainwreck behind the scenes!



1. Wesley Snipes vs The Cast of “Blade: Trinity”
Technically not a TV show, but a third movie is like a third season, so my conscience is clear. Anyway, it’s the year 2004, Wesley Snipes is shooting his third Blade movie, everything’s going as planned until… we look at this from the perspective of his fellow actors. According to Patton Oswalt there was a time when Snipes smoked pot all day long, and wouldn’t leave his trailer. And then there was this time when he tried to strangle a staff member. It got so bad that David Goyer, the director, snapped as Wesley and told him to quit. After that Snipes used post-it notes to talk to David. Very mature.


2. Bronn vs Cersei – Game Of Thrones
Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more scenes with them? And by “more” I mean “at least one”! Truth is these two used to date before starring in Game of Thrones and it didn’t end well.

3. Max vs Lucas – Stranger Things
The Snow Ball scene at the end of season 2 where everyone’s supposed to have fun after defeating the great Evil, wasn’t as easy to shoot as one would think. The two child actors who played Lucas and Max really hated each other behind the scenes, so when the Duffer Bros. Decided to change the script on the go, by adding a kissing scene between them, Sadie flipped out. And rightfully so! They’re goddamn kids, don’t make such drastic changes in the last minute. Of course, later on the directors said they were just kidding. Haha, forcing two minors kiss in front of their parents and 40 other people – what a hoot!


4. Clayton Crawford vs the Cast of “The Lethal Weapon”
When I first read the news about Martin Riggs being replaced, I honestly felt sad and disappointed about the showrunners, as he brought character to an otherwise extremely generic show. And while I still stand by my opinion, I can’t ignore the details that the studio has shared with us. They said his behavior was simply unacceptable. One time he covered an assistant director in so many F-bombs, the poor guy quit on the spot. Another example was when Damon Wayans got badly hurt and had to be taken care of for the rest of the day, delaying the shoot. So what did Crawford do when Damon came back the next day? Called him a “pussy crybaby”. Oof, Clayton, baby, think before you open your mouth. Will Sean William Scott be able to replace him? Let’s hope so!

5. Matthew Perry vs Drugs – Friends
According to Matthew Perry, his brain is drawing a blank when he’s trying to recall seasons 3-6 of Friends. What happened, Matty? In one of the interviews he stated that he got hooked on the painkillers around season 3. The inevitable rehab followed soon after. It was probably the only way he could deal with Rachel’s drama and Ross’ wimpy crap. Oh well, at least he still remembers the Duck and Chicken!


6. Mark Harmon vs Pauley Perrette – NCIS
I’ve never been a huge fan of the NCIS or other CSI shows, so I have to horse in this behind-the-scenes drama. From what I’ve gathered, there are 2 camps: Jethro camp, and Abby camp. Looking at the photos, I’d definitely join the Abby camp, but she recently left the show. Something tells me, stuff happened off screen that made her do it. In her last episode Jethro was nowhere to be seen and only appeared in flashbacks for some reason. What actually happened? Reportedly, the actors had a huge falling out over Mark’s dog. Apparently Mark had a habit of bringing his doggo, wasn’t a good boy, to the set. One day he bit a crew member so hard the medics had to stitch him up! The star, however, refused to leave his dog at home, and flaunted his “exec. Producer” trump card to shut everyone up. Cue in Perette, who, using her own internet popularity, called Harmon out on his crap. Words were said, feelings were hurt, to the point where they’d refuse to be shot in the same scene together. RIP, Abby.