6 Embarrassing Roles of “Black Panther” Stars


After starring in Black Panther, which, by the way, recently joined the Billionaires’ club, any actor is automatically taken to the next level. But at some point even Chadwick Boseman’s career would have to be at its lowest, making him pick up roles he otherwise would never even consider. And the same goes for all the other big names in Black Panther.


Here are 6 most embarrassing roles of Black Panther stars, they’d want you to forget.



1. Chadwick Boseman In “Gods Of Egypt”
Before playing the titular Black Panther, Chadwick was given the role of Thoth in Gods of Egypt. The movie bombed hard and was torn a new one by the critics, and was even nominated for a few Razzies.

2. Andy Serkis In “Woman”
Okay, first of all, screw Marvel for Klaue’s stupid death. He was one of the best villains you ever had! Alright, now let’s go back to Serkis. He’s usually playing CGI monsters and creatures like the Gollum or that smart monkey from Planet of the Apes, but one time, and this was decades ago, Andrew starred in a music video for Nenah Cherry’s song “Woman”. He shoots a guy with his finger while wearing a “Reed Richards” t-shirt… wait, what?

3. Lupita Nyong’o In “Non-Stop”
Co-starring with Liam Neeson was supposed to be Lupita’s ticket to stardom, yet the movie about bad guys hijacking a plane didn’t work out, for some reason. Well, at least she won an Oscar for 12 Years a Slave, so that’s great, right?

4. Martin Freeman In “Ali G: Indahouse”
Ali G: Indahouse was a freaking masterpiece, I don’t care what anyone says. But, it does look like Martin Freeman just doesn’t belong there. Oh, and… there’s a Martin Freeman beatboxing scene, where he’s dressed like the whitest rapper ever. Not even joking.

5. Michael B. Jordan In “All My Children”
Imagine going from poor Wallace on The Wire to a stint on All My Children as Reggie Montgomery in 2004-05. Yes, Michael B. Jordan – arguably, the best part of Black Panther, went from one of the best TV series ever to … All My Children. I guess the bills were starting to pile up.

6. Winston Duke in “Modern Family”
And the big mean M’Baku barked, I mean starred in a few episodes of Modern Family. How’s that for “embarrassing”?