6 Awesome TV Shows Similar to Game of Thrones


While we’re waiting for the last season of Game of Thrones to drop (which will be sometime in 2019), how about we binge some other amazing shows that, one way or another, will remind you of GoT. Full disclosure, I have not finished all of these series myself, but, thankfully, we have the Internet full of spoilers, right?


Here are 6 dope TV shows you might love almost as much as Game of Thrones.



1. Vikings
It’s brutal, it’s bloody, it’s kinda authentic! What else do you need from the show about Vikings? Plot? Yes, they have that as well. The series follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer who ultimately becomes the king of Denmark, all while raiding and terrorizing France and England. While there are not as many interesting characters, as there are in Game of Thrones, you’ll still love the story. And it’s only four seasons long.

2. The Last Kingdom
The Last Kingdom is a real medieval treat, and it’s a shame that it’s not very popular. Just like Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom is based on a series of books “The Saxon Stories”. The show is set in 10th century England, right when the Vikings were raiding everyone left and right. In a nutshell, The Last Kingdom is about an orphan, Uhtred, born in Northumbria, who needs to decide if he’s with the people who raised him or his native country. Just like GoT, this show is fine with eye-gouging, beheading, stabbing, and crucifixion, the battles are numerous and quite ferocious, and the only thing missing here are nude scenes.

3. Spartacus: Blood and Sand
You’ve probably heard of Spartacus before, mainly because it’s got a lot of nudity and blood in it. I mean like a whole lot. Spartacus makes GoT look like a Disney show in that regard. There’s intense action, gratuitous violence, and, of course, the drama! Give it a shot, especially if you wanna see some spicy scenes with Lucy Lawless, aka Xena the warrior princess.

4. Marco Polo
Historic dramas are plentiful on this list, but Marco Polo is special. This show has some of the most impressive visuals and cinematography I’ve ever seen on TV, not to mention it’s a great depiction of a historical figure. After watching a few episodes, you’ll start noticing the similarities between Marco Polo and Game of Thrones. And I bet you’ll binge it in a day!

5. The Bastard Executioner
Sadly, the Bastard Executioner is one of those cancelled shows everyone loved, but for some reason the ratings were horrible. Meaning that there’s only 1 full season of it, but it’s still epic AF! The story is set in 14th century Wales, with Wlikin Brattle as the main hero. He was a soldier who got tired of killing and just wanted to live the rest of his life in peace. But then plot happens, and he’s forced to wield his sword again, this time as an executioner. So you can imagine it’s pretty gory.

6. Black Sails
And finally, we have Black Sails. What would you expect to see in a show about pirates? That’s right: treasures and violence! And let me tell you, that’s exactly what Black Sails is all about. It’s set as a prequel to the legendary Treasure Island, with the infamous pirates of the golden age, and Captain Flint himself, naturally. There’s some drama, decent action, and most importantly, Pirates of the Caribbean! Well, sort of…