5 New horror films that will blow you away this Halloween


What better time to enjoy a nice warm horror flick than the All Hallows’ Eve – Halloween! Yes, yes, I know “Stranger Things” season 2 is coming somewhere around that time, but there will also be quite a few very promising horror movies playing in theaters around you during that time. We have some newcomers with original ideas, and some tried and tested franchises coming back to create a scare-fest worth of your time. Here are 5 new horror films that will make you soil yourself this Halloween.



Cult of Chucky – October 3
Do you remember this little murdering rascal? Aww, he looks so cute! Also, apparently, once your soul is stuck in a doll, you just can’t reject those big Hollywood bucks! Chucky’s story started back in 1988, with the «Child’s Play» movie, and has since spanned six films. Each of those worse than its predecessor, but I have a good feeling about this year’s “Cult of Chucky”, mainly because it will bring back Alex Vincent (Andy Barclay), who was Chucky’s victim from the original «Child’s Play», as well as Chucky’s wife Tiffany. It’s gonna be a ton of fun, and that’s all we want!

Happy Death Day – October 13
I hope you like Groundhog Day, because this is going to be a horrific version of it. In “Happy Death Day” the story follows a woman (Jessica Rothe) who is doomed to relive her birthday again and again, all while trying to figure out who’s murdering her. It’s supposed to be a slasher flick with a clever twist, and, frankly, that’s all I needed to hear.

Leatherface – October 20
Wait, don’t we already have a “Leatherface” movie? Oooh, this one’s going to be a prequel, you say? Okay, okay, I’m down with that. To be completely honest I don’t remember watching the whole “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie (the original one), but I did catch a few bloody scenes when I was a child. I didn’t like it, mainly because it wasn’t about Spider-Man or Pokemon, few horror movies are, but it still stuck with me, and that’s saying something. Apparently, «Leatherface» will focus on the period of time before the events of the original Chainsaw movie. In short: good stuff!

The Snowman – October 20
«Do you wanna kill a snowman?” – said no-one ever, probably, but here we are. So, the premise of this movie is basically that people are being turned into snowmen. Or something like that. I bet there will be a twist on that. Anyway, the Snowman is directed by Romas Alfredson (Let the Right One In), and stars Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, James D’Arcy, and J.K. Simmons. That cast speaks for itself.

Jigsaw – October 27
One of my least favorite franchises gets a sequel, yaaay… BUT people seem to like it. Anyhoo, the Saw franchise should have died in 2004 after the first movie, but, “fortunately” for the fans, it’s still going! Although the last movie was released in 2010, and I’ve successfully wiped it from my memory, it looks like Hollywood has decided to give it a second (or rather eighth) chance. You know what it’s about. There will blood, guts, brutal torture, and stupid people getting their eyes poked out (probably). If you’re into all that, by all means, have yourself a merry little Jigsaw Halloween!