20 Proofs Why Corgis Are the Best


If you need more than one reason (which is “because they’re corgis”), I’m going to try and convince you that having a corgi in your life will make you a better person and you’ll live a long and happy life with your fluffy doggo.


There are literally millions of reasons to love these smart boys, but here are 20 that prove corgis are the best of boys!



1. Corgis are outright magical creatures!



2. Young puppers are adorable and stylish-looking.



3. Their tiny legs are just too cute!



4. Sharks ain’t got nothing on corgis.

5. Their perky years can make anyone fall in awe instantaneously.



6. Corgis are great at hovering above the ground.



7. Got nobody to shoot hoops with? There’s an easy solution!

8. Booping a corgi snoot will bring you more joy than playing with yourself. Fact!



9. They are the hottest of dogs!



10. Even Kim Kardashian is envious of this T-H-I-C-C corgi butt.



11. This is a rare corgi sub-species – the “gunkan” corgi.

12. How can you say no to that face?!



13. Even their mems are ridiculously photogenic and totally adorable.



14. Corgis love music, it’s a well-known fact.

15. By now you’ve probably stopped reading what I’m saying…



16. But I don’t even care, because corgis are love, corgis are life…



17. Be still my heart… It’s Puptain Ameripaw! (I feel like that pun cost me my soul)

18. Does this look like a face of regret?



19. Oh and, yeah, don’t you dare underestimate their battle prowess, or they’ll bite you in the arse!



20. You really do need only one reason to love these puppies – it’s the infinite fun time!