19 Photos from Behind the Scenes of Iconic Movies You Have Never Seen


Even the most devoted, hardcore movie fans often miss out on footage and pictures from behind the scenes of their favorite movies. Knowing what was going on the film set, and how things were done, definitely makes for a better experience when you finally get to see the movie. And there are times when these little snippets of visual information provide more entertainment than the movie itself!


Let’s take a deep breath and dive behind the scenes of these 20 iconic movies. Have fun!



1. Elvis Presley during the filming of “Love me tender”, 1956



2. Behind the scenes of “Pulp Fiction”



3. George Lucas and his props for one of the “Star Wars” movies.

4. Lunch break during the filming of “Faun’s Labyrinth”



5. Here’s where Luke fell after discovering that Vader was his father.



6. Twins from the “The Shining” are ready to scare the whole world.



7. Here’s how Vigo’s scene was shot in “Ghost Busters 2”

8. Even T-Rex has something human inside! (“Jurassic Park”)



9. Gandalf sending an e-mail? That’s one anachronism I was not ready to see.



10. Stunt doubles of the Guardians (Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2)

11. Filming the iconic dance scene from “Pulp Fiction”



12. This is how the water scenes were filmed in the “Titanic”



13. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, 1988… Wait, but where’s Roger?

14. Here’s Brad Pitt on the set of “Snatched”.



15. Stephen Spielberg giving directions to the actors on the set of “Saving Private Ryan”



16. Indiana Jones and his friends!

17. Young Johnny Depp in “The Nightmare on Elm Street”



18. Behind the scenes of “Titanic”



19. Gandalf having fun, that is all!