15 Surprising Movie Details You’ve Probably Never Noticed


Sometimes movie makers are lazy and only do what they absolutely need to do to sell their film. Nothing extra, just shoot a bad movie and sell it. On the other hand there are directors and screenwriters who take pride in what they do. Each one of the examples below proves that the devil is definitely in the details.


Here are 15 surprising movie details you’ve probably never noticed.



1. This is how Pulp Fiction is connected to Kill Bill



2. Remember when in Back To The Future Marty hits one of the two trees? The movie did not forget either.



3. I’d never have thought that the cornfields in Interstellar were real, but apparently, they are. The whole 500 acres of it, just because Nolan didn’t want to do it in CGI.

4. Go ahead and flip your 20th Anniversary Edition Princess Bride DVD… The title can be read upside down as well as right side up!



5. Fight Club’s home DVD had this little gem in it.

6. Did you notice that in “Cars” even the canyons look like old car hoods?



7. The BW logos in the Harry Potter movies become darker with every movie, much like the movies.



8. In this scene a dude asks Django what his name is. “Django. The D Is Silent”. The old man says that he knows that. Well, this is Franco Nero, the OG Django from 1966 movie.

9. Finally someone got it right!



10. The “Woof!” girl in Buzz’s photo is actually the film art director’s son wearing a wig. Chris Columbus thought it would be too cruel if it were a real girl.

11. Do you see the camera in the doorknob? I’ll give you a second…



12. Selina’s glasses “foreshadow” (haha, get it?) her transformation into Catwoman in Batman Returns. She could also be a Spider-Man fan.



13. The city in “Up” changing year after year was a nice little touch.

14. What looks like 2 almost identical shots, is just an illusion. John Wick and John Wick 2 were filmed 3 years apart, but the sets were almost perfectly recreated by the crew, since it was only 4 days between them in the movie world.



15. One of my most favorite Die Hard scenes is Alan Rickman plummeting from the Nakatomi building. Turns out he was supposed to be dropped on the count of 3, but instead the crew counted only 1, which means that Rickman’s expression is 100% genuine terror.