15 Most Famous Internet Cats


Do you like cats? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! You probably have one or more fluffy bastards at home and you’ve taken thousands of pics and videos, hoping that one day your Tabby will do something weird and make you famous on the internet. Yeah, you and me both. Some people do, however, manage to monetize their cats’ seemingly worthless skills or genetic conditions, making thousands if not millions of dollars each year. We’re slowly turning into ancient Egyptians with our cat worshipping and I have absolutely no problem with that. Just for the sake of argument, I’ll get you “the most popular dogs on the internet”, so stay tuned. But for now enjoy the floofs!



Keyboard Cat


Let’s start with a classic example: here’s Fatso “playing” a catchy tune on a piano. Nothing unusual, you say? This viral is a footage from 1984, a time when the dinosaurs watched Seinfeld, before the internet or even YouTube or Netflix! It took Charlie Schmidt 23 years to realize he’s sitting on a goldmine. 2 years later, in 2009, his “Cool Cat” video became a full-fledged meme and has been since featured in thousands of videos.

Nyan Cat



Also known as Pop Tart Cat, this adorable 8-bit depiction of a kitty-pop-tart hybrid flying through outer space became popular because of… uh, I have no idea why, to be honest, but this damn song is so catchy and annoying at the same time! Needless to say, it was an instant hit on YouTube and has spawned thousands of knock-offs, tributes and even a few mobile games.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee 1


Honey Bee 2


Honey Bee 3

Because of her condition, Honey Bee doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, making her a perfect hiking companion, in case a bear attacks her owner. She’s like Daredevil of cats – the cat without fear. Also, she’s adorable as all hell.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat 1


Grumpy Cat 2


Grumpy Cat 3


Grumpy Cat 4


Grumpy Cat 5


Grumpy Cat 6

One of, if not the biggest names on this list, and one of the better known feline celebrities, Grumpy Cat has over 7 million Facebook fans, is featured on all sorts of merchandise and pretty much earns more in 1 day than I make in a year. Good on her, though, she’s awesome!


Sam 1


Sam 2


Sam 3


Sam 4

Sam 5

One of the best-looking cats I’ve ever seen. And, trust me when I say this, I’ve seen a crap ton of them. Sam with his fantastic “eyebrows” and over 150k Insta followers takes the cake. Just look at that innocent face. Look at it!


Venus 1


Venus 2


Venus 3


Venus 4


Venus 5
No, this is not some masterful Photoshop, this is Mother Nature showing us who’s the boss! Venus would be a perfect pet for Harvey Dent, don’t you think?

Lil Bub

Lil Bub 1


Lil Bub 2


Lil Bub 3


Lil Bub 4


Lil Bub 5From the slums straight to the front page of the Internet! Lil Bub has suffered through a lot with his genetic abnormalities and a rough start, he’s found a loving family and a few hundred thousand fans to keep him company.

Maru 1


Maru 2


Maru 3


Maru must be one of the funniest weirdoes out there. He’s all about those boxes. Any boxes, even the tiniest ones. If he fits – he most definitely sits. He now has a companion kitty, who’s also slowly gaining popularity, but she’ll never beat the Boxmaster Maru.


Monty 1


PIC BY MICHAEL BJORN NIELSEN / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED Adorable cat, Monty) These heartwarming images of a cat born without a nasal bridge prove that looking different can still be adorable. Pictured peering curiously into the camera, the unique feline was born with its nasal bone missing, giving it a somewhat unusual appearance. Caused by a chromosome defect, the genetic abnormality meant that house cat, Monty, also suffers from some mild bladder problems. But despite looking a little different to your average tabby, Monty has still managed to melt hearts the world over. SEE CATERS COPY


Monty 3


Monty 4


Monty 5Internet loves damaged goods, that’s the only constant thing about us. This poor kitty was born without a nasal bridge, and now he looks odd but still quite adorable.

Street Cat Bob

Street Cat Bob 1


Street Cat Bob 2


Street Cat Bob 3


Street Cat Bob 4


Street Cat Bob 5


Street Cat Bob 6How may cats can say they have a book written about them? None, because cats can’t talk, but if they could, Bob would be the first one in line. He was a tiny little floof when a recovering drug addict James Bowen found him on the street. Since that time both of them are inseparable.

Snoopy 1


Snoopy 2


Snoopy 3


Snoopy 4


Snoopy 5This funny-looking Exotic Shorthair cat, reminds me of a cute fluffy Ewok that you just want to cuddle all day long. Huge eyes, hella long tail and his playful nature helped Snoopy become a modern-day feline icon.

Colonel Meow
Colonel Meow 1


Colonel Meow 2


Colonel Meow 3


Colonel Meow 4He’s angry, he’s fluffy and he looks like the devil himself! Meet Colonel Meow, who has the longest cat hair ever recorded. You could probably knit a few sweaters from his fur balls.

Snuffle Cat Misty
Snuffle Cat Misty 1


Snuffle Cat Misty 2


Snuffle Cat Misty 3


Snuffle Cat Misty 4


Snuffle Cat Misty 5Misty’s a newcomer on this list, but she’s trying to take over the world just by being cute and looking apathetic, and even a bit like the Grumpy Cat. Give her a like, you know you want to https://www.instagram.com/snuffle_cat/ (it’s a shameless plug, but hey, I’m shameless too)!


Zarathustra 1


Zarathustra 2


Zarathustra 3


Zarathustra 4


Cats in Art by Russian digital artist Svetlana Petrova. (Photo by Svetlana Petrova/Zarathustra the Cat)Cats and art go hand in hand but when Svetlana Petrova seamlessly inserted her fat cat into various art pieces, people on the internet lost their shizz, making Zarathustra an immediate sensation.

Shironeko 1



Shironeko 2


Shironeko 3


Shironeko 4


Shironeko 5


Shironeko 6Up to this point the kitties were listed in no particular order, but I had to make the #1 special. Shironeko (literally means “white cat”) is my spirit animal. He’s famous for not giving a damn about pretty much anything and he seems to always be sleeping. Truly, the most relatable of all the internet cats.