13 Pics Of Avenger Actors And Their Stunt Doubles That Prove We Have No Idea Of What’s Happening On The Set


We are used to actors and actresses getting all the glory for the work they are doing, which, we must admit, is quite fascinating and requires a lot of dedication and stamina, but there are also people who don’t get nearly enough credit for the hard work they are doing on set. It’s not a secret most actors have stunt doubles, what we don’t realize is the amount of work and preparations they undergo to become perfect twins for their superstar alter egos. Actors taking part in the Avengers movies are using the superpowers of stunt doubles to the fullest, which is quite understandable with the amount of action scenes they’re going through. Here are 13 pics of Avenger actors and their stunt doubles that prove we have no idea of what’s happening on set.



Black Widow
Meet Heidi Moneymaker, Scarlett Johansson’s charming stunt double. This lady bears an uncanny resemblance to the actress and can do some pretty outstanding acrobatic moves.



Captain America
You know what makes all these stunt doubles so good? The fact that they actually know more about yielding weapons and fighting than the celebrities who get most of the credit. Nevertheless, they are generous enough to share that knowledge with actors and actresses to make their performance top-notch.

Bobby Holland, Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double, definitely knows a thing or two about being an ancient Scandinavian God. These two handsome guys share not only good looks, but their meals as well!



Yes, Andrew Garfield is no longer in the Avengers Universe, but his legacy lives on! While he still was a Spider-Man, we got to enjoy his brilliant performance as well as William Spencer’s amazing jumps, twists, and turns.



Anthony Molinari and Mark Ruffalo look like twins with their curly hair and identical costumes. Although, only one of them turns into a green destructive superhero when things suddenly start going south.

Winter Soldier
Even a Winter Soldier needs a helping hand when it comes to dangerous jumps and flying around an action-packed battlefield. Meet James Young, Sebastian Stan’s handsome stunt double.



Aaron Toney, Falcon’s stunt double, can teach Anthony Mackie a thing or two about being a superhero. Both guys are in perfect athletic shape and look absolutely alike!

Loki’s appeared in so many Avenger movies that we can’t but mention him and his doubles. Yes, Tom Hiddleston has quite a few of them! Being a Scandinavian God of Mischief is a dangerous job.



Guardians of the Galaxy have also recently joined the Avengers Universe, so it’s only natural for us to mention Chris Pratt and his handsome action twin Tony McFarr. What would we do without these amazing stunt doubles!

Drax may look all strong and powerful, but there are things even he can’t do without a stunt double. Meet Dave Bautista and Rob de Groot, his almighty helper.



It’s hard to tell who is who under all the makeup, but we assure you that Kelly Richardson is doing a great job helping Karen Gillan portray Nebula the best way possible.

Zoe Saldana’s Gamora is a hardcore warrior, but even she needs help with some serious action. Her stunt double even uses a special makeup mask to look more like Gamora!



Phil Coulson
The former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had a few rough patches during his career, that’s when Dane Farwell, Clark Gregg’s stunt double, came to the rescue.